Winning customers faith in our help desk

Updated 8 March 2022

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To nurture the loyalty of customers is the problem to debate that many organizations don’t pay attention to.

Once they acquired the customers they shut their eyes on them and again concentrate their mind on adopting new strategies in increasing the number of customers.

But wait! Are you not forgetting the customers who are the part of your business for years. What about them?

The blunder that almost every company commits after acquiring customers is that they don’t think about their “retention”. 

Never slow down your efforts after acquiring otherwise there will be a possibility of your business landing in trouble just because of the confinement issues of the users.

The question arises what is the root cause behind the leaving of customers and what measures you can take to prevent this?

Some of the problems reported by the customers to the organizations:

  • Not reverting back to time.
  • Doesn’t account for the customer’s needs.
  • Not informed about the recent developments.
  • Haven’t heard back for a long time.
  • The support center was unable to answer the queries.
  • Not providing a satisfactory solution.

To overcome all these problems, you can do the following things to win the confidence of the customers in the organization:


Try to keep your agents super energetic:

When the customer knocks on your door for help then you must ensure them that you will fix the issue fast.

The agent has to sound super energetic and interested in hearing the customer’s query rather than sounding lethargic.

As it’s quite obvious, the agents have to attend to the number of calls which may soak the energy level but the support rep demands you to be super active all the time and fix the problems of the customers with full speed.

So, for that, excluding lunch hours, give them a coffee/tea break of 15-20 minutes which will make them refreshed.

Always be ready for the customers’ queries:

You never know what type of query may raise up by the clients. Make sure that you are well prepared for any type of question coming on the way.

Don’t hesitate or take a pause in between as it may hint to the customer that you are not dead sure about the solution which you are providing.

Confidence has to be reflected in your voice then only you can manage to impress them. This confidence will only come up if you keep updated all the time.

Make the customers aware of recent developments:

Keep your customers informed all the time about the upgrades or any other development.

If you have nothing new to share with the customers just let make them aware that everything is going in a systematic manner.

Don’t think in this way that you don’t have anything new to share then the users will show no interest in talking.

If you communicate well and give a detailed report to the customer a point of connection will always be there.

Providing satisfactory answers:

Most of the complaints from the side of the customers are that the support agent was unable to give the quality output in their answer with what they expected.

It would be better for the agents to know their customers better and understand what they exactly want then deliver the solution if they want to avoid reporting such types of reviews.

Not to keep them waiting for long:

To not attend to the requests of the customers and make them wait for you is definitely not a good thing to do. This may irritate any person and may lead to hanging up the call from their side.

Every support rep should respond to the customers in time and not make them wait long.

Good management skills:

The agents are the manager of the whole customer portal. They have to take care of many things in order to ensure that the customers are delivered with the best service.

For the smooth running of the portal, the agent has to manage from responding to customers in time to providing quality service with full devotion.

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