How to create Helpdesk Contact Form in PrestaShop?

Updated 4 January 2022

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How does a contact form help your customers? I’ll address this question by showing you how to create a helpdesk contact form & add it to your PrestaShop.

Creating a helpdesk contact form is very necessary these days. As, Contact forms provide your customers, visitors an easy way to contact you.

But before we proceed with the process to create a contact form, here is a brief introduction to PrestaShop.

PrestaShop is a free, open-source e-commerce solution. It is written in PHP language with the support of a MySQL database management system.

Currently, around 3 lakh merchants are running their eCommerce shop on PrestaShop around the world.

What are Contact Forms & How They Are Helpful?

In this section, I’ll try to address the two vital questions.

  • Firstly, What are contact forms?
  • And, secondly why they are important?

A contact form is a form that helps customers in reaching out to the website owner easily.

The form typically asks for some basic details from a customer. And, it also requires details of the query that a customer wants to ask from the website admin.

Now, let’s just go through some of the benefits of contact forms to understand why they are necessary?

  • Helps in increasing user engagement.
  • Helps in understanding the user better.
  • Decreases the number of spams with the help of ReCaptcha on forms.
  • Aids in generating more leads.
  • Creates one stop data base of customers.
  • More numbers of users in subscribers list.

Importance of a helpdesk contact form

Although PrestaShop has a default “contact us” form, it provides very limited options to your customers.

So, here we are with the PrestaShop contact form builder application. The application is available with UVdesk Helpdesk System.

But, before proceeding with the process to create a contact form, here is a brief introduction to UVdesk.

UVdesk Helpdesk system is available as SaaS and open-source support helpdesk solution that allows you to offer the best customer service experience.

A better customer experience helps a store owner in retaining the existing customer & attracting new ones. And, as you attract new customers, your business will grow.

With the growth of any eCommerce shop, there arises the necessity to integrate an effective customer support system.

An eCommerce shop without a proper customers system is doomed to fail. Hence, it becomes even more important to add a proper customer support system.

So, in such a case, the UVdesk helpdesk system can help you to provide quality support services to customers.

How to create a helpdesk contact form in PrestaShop

Now, you are already familiar with the UVdesk helpdesk system. So, let me just explain to you how you can easily add the helpdesk contact form in PrestaShop.

This helpdesk contact form will help your customers to submit their queries easily. And, for each query a customer submits, a new ticket will be created in your UVdesk.

The separate ticket for each query will also help you in their effective management. This is because a ticket is difficult to overlook or miss.

As each ticket status is available whether they are in the open, pending or answered stage. So, it’s not possible to overlook any tickets & close them without any reply.

Now, let me just take you through the process to create a custom contact form on UVdesk.

Follow the following steps to create a helpdesk contact form

1} Firstly, log in to your UVdesk portal.

2} After logging in to the portal, you will land on the dashboard section.

3} On the Dashboard, you will find the option of “Form Builder” under the “Apps” section.

Select form builder option on Uvdesk dashboard

4} After clicking on the”Form Builder“, you will come to the”Form Builder” details section.

5} Here, firstly, you will need to install the”Form Builder” app to your UVdesk account.

install the form builder app first

6} After installing the app, a new section of “Configure” will appear.

configure option is available after installing the app

7} Navigate to the “Configure” section & click on “New Form“.

create a new helpdesk contact from

8} Create your own form by adding details of “mandatory fields” along with as many “custom fields” as you want on your form.

add fields to a helpdesk contact form

9} After creating the form, you can preview the form as well as add it to your PrestaShop store now.

helpdesk contact from preview

To add it to the PrestaShop, you will need a code. On clicking the “Embed” button, you will get the JS version & Iframe version of the code.

embed code to add helpdesk contact from on a web page

How to add the custom contact form of Uvdesk to PrestaShop

After getting the code, go to your PrestaShop backend.

Navigate to the Design sub-section available under Improve section. Under the Design section, there is an option of “Pages”.

Prestashop admin dashboard

Here, you will find a list of all the CMS pages already added to your PrestaShop store.

CMS page list on PrestaShop

You can either add this code to one of the existing pages or on a new page to add the custom contact form on the CMS page.

add helpdesk contact from to a cms page using embed code

After adding the code, the custom contact form will be visible to your customer on your PrestaShop store.

helpdesk contact form available on the Prestashop CMS page

So, this was all about the process by which you can easily create helpdesk contact form & add it to your PrestaShop store.

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