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Updated 1 March 2022

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The hospitality industry believes in the concept of delivering excellent support to customers. This industry is very vast in terms of its nature and size so implies a large number of customers.

In this industry, whether it may be a hotel or a tourism industry with each passing year increasing customer base can be witnessed easily.

As per the reports of  IBEF, by 2025, foreign tourist arrivals in India is expected to reach 15.3 million”.

With the embarkment of the festive season, online reservations for flight, hotel starts taking place. There are several queries from the customer’s end about booking procedure, room tariff, meal facility, and much more.

For that, they will contact us by calling or e-mailing. As a result of this, our e-mail will be flooded with the client’s messages and staff will be busy receiving calls. The fact is that you have to keep juggling between responding to messages and attending calls.

So, to keep the working process efficient, you require a helpdesk system that manages all the requests of the clients with ease. UVdesk is super-suited for this kind of situation which guarantees to offer the best customer support.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that this support system offers for the hospitality industry:

Efficacy during high(festive, holiday) season:

Establishing contact with the people to the customer-facing staff becomes a serious issue during peak seasons. This might be due to the reason that this season comes with extra responsibility for the staff in any of the respective industries. But what about the queries of the clients? No worries because the help desk will help you to get out of this issue.


There are possible chances that some sort of question keeps flashing on the screens of your service desk again and again related to the pre-sale or post-sale query.

It’s better that the staff prepares a reply in advance for those same set of questions as to when the time that question has been raised then you can quickly shoot the response from the Saved Replies option.

This surely saves the time of the staff and also prevents them from sending inconsistent replies for the same query.

Customer retention strategy:

A marketing strategy has to be adopted by the owners of travel and tourism as well as the hotel department so that the customers love to keep coming back to you.

Delivering exceptional support is already a known fact but besides this what else?


The UVdesk maintains a proper record of the customers from their e-mail id to their contact details. This helps to know them better and we can send them personalized responses for their tickets.

We can also send them a newsletter periodically for giving them updates on the new stuff happening, offer them discounts, gift vouchers etc.

Multi-lingual support:

Customers from various geolocations contact us and they have language preferences too then communication becomes a concern. It’s better that you add the functionality of the multi-lingual support to the help desk.

As the admin of the help desk, you can also assign the ticket to the agent who has command over that particular language.

The helpdesk system provides the facility of creating a support center according to the language preference of the users where a person will get answers instantly without the need to call the support staff for assistance.

Agent tracking by reporting metrics:


The admin can keep track of the agent’s work performance by undergoing the Reports section which gives all the insight likewise customer ratings given to the staff.

The number of customers they have helped, their total ticket counts. It is a good feature that helps the admin to know about the work progress of individual agents.

Because as the owner you have to focus on many other prior tasks. And you don’t have sufficient time to watch the staff on the regular basis. This makes you check the performance of the people in one go.

So, Sign up today with the UVdesk to assist your customers better and deliver seamless support.

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