Cloud-based Help desk system

A help desk system is a platform where the users flag their concerns and get an instant answer to it. The robust ticketing process automates the tickets from assigning to prioritizing them. Then the support requests have been taken care really well by the assigned agents who respond all the functionality related queries.

In addition to that, if your system is having cloud hosting facility then it’s an added advantage for your service desk as you can store the data in bulk on cloud server without worrying of its loss or theft. UVdesk is a cloud-based product which has been built to meet the needs of saving your loads of data.

Firstly, what does cloud hosting technology mean?


As we are witnessing the technical advancement within each passing year, the result of it is undoubtedly fruitful.

If the internet connection is available you will have the access to your information. Your software is not tied to a specific computer mean you can log in anywhere to work.

That implies the support staff will have the accessibility to their service portal account if they wish to log in from their home. They no longer will be tied to the desk to do their job. That’s basically cloud hosting.

According to the survey conducted by Right Scale in 2016, there has been significant growth in the adoption of cloud based computing technique.

Reasons for being favorite of SME’S:

As for a developing business, the money is a very big constraint and they have to look for the ways to cut down their expenses in every possible way. The cloud hosting technology helps to deliver IT solutions to a greater extent with the best possible price. With this functionality, you don’t need to purchase or install software in contrast to traditional help desk system.

Cost reduction:

For SME’s, it becomes quite complex and expensive procedure to implement and deliver IT solutions. So, to have your data on the cloud is surely a cost cutter way for small and growing businesses as it enables mass-scale computing power.

Work from anywhere:

This allows users to access their files anytime from anywhere via any device. Your documents are no longer stuck to a single workstation. The customer-facing staff can share information to the users from the knowledgebase section of the product by sitting from home. All they have to do is just enter their support account credentials.

Increased team collaboration:

The team members can share the files with other teammates instantly or can even edit the data within the files and other users will be able to see those changes. This helps in proper synchronization of the work amongst the team members.


The cloud facility adds the security for its users by backing up all the relevant data off-site so the chances of hacking, data loss due to viruses or any other cybersecurity issues becomes rare. It guarantees the confidentiality of all the important documents.

Good proficiency:

The timing company switches to the cloud, they don’t need to bother about software updates, power requirements, and space-related problems.

So, it’s the best idea to have all the company data on the cloud without thinking of its loss or any other issues which the users can access from anywhere and deliver seamless support to the customers.

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