Unrighteousness which are aching your support

The moment any customer submits a ticket, you put “your blood and sweat” in resolving the issue and that his service experience is resplendent. In spite of sensation of this naked truth that you have performed all your responsibilities with adherence, your resolving time is commendable and your numerous citation that you are more than happy to help them in fixing their issues but still you are not in the good books of the customer. What may be the issue behind disliking by the customers?

Let’s have a look on four common aberrations that can harm the support:

Begging after committing a fault:


Although it’s an amateur mistake but users might have taken it on a serious note. Your not so so happy face with your customer satisfaction rating and a bunch of negative comments obviously not a good sign for your support rep. You eventually lead to asking for mercy. But there is a vast difference between asking and begging. Just to make up for your wrong done that doesn’t give you right to catapult the customer’s inbox with apology notes. Accepting your mistake with grace and whatever may be the decision of the customer acknowledge it with due esteem.

Making customer swap medium:


It’s harsh to ask a customer to swap channels. If a user is contacting you through a medium of phone call and you are saying that video call will be a better option for this conversation then this will surely not a pleasant gesture for customer service. When a user is not keen on the idea of swapping no need to force him to do so.

Instant e-mail templates won’t go well every time:


E-mail templates are provided to the debutants to give them the way to deal with the customer’s issues with some pre-formatted replies. But to incorporate them in every single support answer is definitely not the best choice to look for. In spite of giving the feel of “cyborg” by using automation in text, replies make it a natural one.

Blaming users for their unsatisfactory customer service:


When your feedback column is blasted with the frown faces of customers due to the service you have provided notwithstanding by the quality services promise you offered them then it’s a high time you accept your mistake and not to raise finger on the customer by stating that they haven’t clarified well what they actually want. As one brainy man quoted the sentence that“the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself”.

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