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UVdesk Helpdesk Transformed Support for Baghdad University






UVdesk Helpdesk Transformed Support for Baghdad University

The University of Baghdad was founded in 1957 as the second-largest university in the Middle East and the oldest university in Iraq.

The University of Baghdad is an integrated system of scientific and humanities colleges, institutes, and long-standing research centers.

The university consists of numerous faculties and colleges offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. These include faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Arts, Science, Education, and more.

The University of Baghdad stands as a prestigious educational institution in Iraq, fostering academic excellence, research advancement, and societal development.

With its diverse faculties, research centers, cultural activities, and commitment to community engagement, the university continues to play a vital role in shaping the intellectual landscape of the country and making significant contributions to global knowledge.

Challenges faced by UOB before implementing UVdesk

Baghdad University, one of the premier educational institutions in the region, faced significant challenges in managing its customer support operations.

Before adopting the UVdesk Helpdesk, the University of Baghdad encountered several issues in its student support processes.

High Volume of Support Requests:

The university’s support team struggled to handle the further growing number of support requests from students.

Manual ticket management and communication processes led to delays in response times and difficulty in tracking and resolving inquiries efficiently.

Lack of Centralized Support Platform:

The absence of a centralized support platform made it challenging to manage and prioritize student inquiries effectively.

The lack of a knowledge base system also hindered the availability of self-service resources for students to find answers to common questions independently.

Inefficient Communication and Collaboration:

The university’s support team faced difficulties in collaborating internally and sharing information effectively.

The absence of streamlined communication channels led to miscommunication, delays, and duplicated efforts in resolving student issues.

Baghdad University Support Center

To address several challenges, the University of Baghdad implemented UVdesk Helpdesk, which provides better support to all the students to raise their queries through the support center.

Ticket Creation

You can inquire about your transactions (currently in progress) once by clicking on the (contact-us) button below, and the answer will be sent to your email within two working days.

UVdesk Helpdesk provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for ticket creation.

Furthermore, the users, including students, faculty, and staff of the University of Baghdad, can access the UVdesk web portal to initiate a support ticket.

Once the ticket is submitted, then an email will be delivered to the mailbox of the respective user through which the user can able to track the progress and updates on the ticket.

Multilingual Knowledgebase

UVdesk Helpdesk has facilitated the creation of a comprehensive multi-language knowledge base tailored to the needs of the University of Baghdad.

Hence, the support center interface has been designed to allow users, including students and faculty members, to select their preferred language when accessing the support portal.

Furthermore, the UVdesk helpdesk supports ticket submission in multiple languages, allowing users to describe their issues or requests comfortably and clearly.

Ticket Automation Workflow

By automating the ticket assignment workflow with the UVdesk Helpdesk, the University of Baghdad can ensure efficient and timely handling of support inquiries.

By setting up specific ticket categories based on the types of support inquiries commonly received at the University of Baghdad.

This could include categories such as admissions, registration, technical support, academic inquiries, and more.


With UVdesk Helpdesk’s centralized support system, the University of Baghdad has streamlined the management of support inquiries, ensuring that no query goes unanswered.

The ticketing system enables users to submit and track their support requests easily, while the multi-language support feature caters to the diverse linguistic needs of the university community.

Furthermore, the integration of the UVdesk Helpdesk with the university’s Student Information System has facilitated seamless access to student information, enabling support agents to provide personalized assistance and address issues effectively.

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