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Updated 3 March 2022

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A customer support platform serving customers with its productive and qualitative services.

“Our motto is to make it easy for the customers to get in touch with the business processes and build a strong business relationship.”


Makes it easy for the brand to promote their products with the end number of users. The courtship period between the customer and UVdesk shows an unbreakable bond.

The quality of services and resolving efficiency of problems. It embarks us towards the glory and achieving customer satisfaction.

It is trusted globally by more than 30000 customers. Although business relationships are complex. UVdesk makes them slightly easier with its next-generation assistance apps.

To make the customers’ life easier by popping up the answers for their queries in front of their face and delighting with what we have provided them is all about in UVdesk.

Not only UVdesk streamline communication but it keeps a detailed record of all the submitted issues. It makes it easier to track updates and report on what work was done.

In addition to that, it has some time-saving tools like ticket views, triggers, automation, etc. It helps you to get straight what matters the most- better customer service and more meaningful conversations.

Why UVdesk?

It is because of the versatility of approach to customer engagement enabling you to hear. It responds and impresses your customers that are not possible earlier.

UV desk is merely not a help desk tool but the fastest possible way to great customer service.

Much like the skill of UVdesk, the path to the excellence of customer service is an ongoing expedition comprising of the commodity(product) and customer support.


Appreciated by the users for its simplicity and elegance. UVdesk is the sure short destination of enabling a great customer service experience.

The clarification of any solution in this helpdesk is really simple to try, install and use.

It also includes a lightning-fast interface. It will keep your agents extremely productive, passionate, and dedicated to helping customers in the best possible way.

Slow responding to customers no doubt is the leading factor behind poor customer satisfaction but with UVdesk, the product will never slow you down.

Due to our boisterous reporting and analytics, you will always have the access to the key metrics that will assist you in making workflow improvements and boosting productivity overall.

Customer support:

It’s not possible to add a light-hearted pleasure every time while supporting customers sometimes it becomes quite indurated to handle them.

Waking up to frustrated customers calling every day, troubleshooting day by day can soak the energy level of any enthusiastic agent.

UVdesk lets you convert your portal into an exciting game where every single support query is an opportunity to score more. You get to specify what really matters most to your support.


  • Providing 24×7 customer support facility enabling customers to submit their queries in odd hours too i.e. timezone support for international customers.
  • Works efficiently as teammates can submit their tech issues and gets them fixed soon.
  • E-mail fetch in support facility to UVdesk system.
  • Event trigger supports i.e. triggering of an event when action has been fired or acted.
  • Offers a highly user-friendly interface providing convenience to customers and benefits organizations by freeing them from deployment complexities.
  • Ability to effectively organize and monitor your active workload offering huge benefits in terms of ticket throughput and resolution time.
  • Management of knowledge base by adding detailed explanations of articles covering the entire functionality of UVdesk and updating them for customer convenience.
  • Allows admin to create agents and assign them to a group.
  • Customization of the entire service portal as per your choice without any complexity involved and no programming knowledge required.
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