SNPMB Streamline Student Selection Process with UVdesk Helpdesk






SNPMB Streamline Student Selection Process with UVdesk Helpdesk

SNPMB stands for Seleksi Nasional Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru (National Selection for New Student Admissions). It is a mechanism for the admission of new students to state universities (PTN) in Indonesia.

SNPMB is divided into two pathways:

  • SNBP (Seleksi Nasional Berdasarkan Prestasi): This pathway is based on academic achievement. Students who are eligible for SNBP must have a high school GPA of at least 80 and must have taken the National Examination (UN).
  • SNBT (Seleksi Nasional Berdasarkan Tes): This pathway is based on a test. Students who are eligible for SNBT must have a high school GPA of at least 70 and must have taken the Unified National Entrance Examination (UTBK).

The selection process for SNPMB is conducted by the Lembaga Tes Masuk Perguruan Tinggi (LTMPT), an agency under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. Students who are selected for SNPMB will be admit to PTNs based on their academic achievement or test scores.

This case study examines the successful implementation of SNPMB, a fictional software development company, in integrating UVdesk Helpdesk, a comprehensive helpdesk solution, into its customer support operations.

By leveraging UVdesk’s advanced features and customizable functionalities, SNPMB was able to streamline its support processes, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance overall efficiency.

SNPMB Support Center

The SNPMB Support Center is a customer support portal that is powered by UVdesk helpdesk software. The portal provides a central location for customers to submit tickets, view knowledgebase articles and contact support agents.

Ticket Creation

The guest users are allow to create the tickets from the helpdesk portal, the students can generate a ticket to inquire about SNBP account registration, school forgot password, student forgot password, PDSS filling technique, PDSS, school accreditation, SNBP, UTBK, UTBK payment, SNBT, KIP-Lecture and much more.

Users can able to inquire about the issues by the contact us button which is associate with the helpdesk portal.

SNPMB Knowledgebase

With the Knowledgebase, customers can find answers to common questions, troubleshoot issues, and learn about:

  • SNPMB policy change information
  • General Mechanism of State University Selection
  • SNPMB and PDSS Account Registration
  • National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP)
  • National Selection Based on Tests (SNBT)
  • KIP-K
  • Help desk service

With the SNPMB Knowledgebase, students can find answers to common questions, without requiring direct assistance from support agents.

Multilingual Helpdesk

The multilingual helpdesk feature is a valuable tool for organizations that want to provide customer support in multiple languages. It is easy to use, flexible, and can save organizations time and effort.

However, it enables effective communication, efficient ticket management, and localized self-service support, ensuring that students can receive assistance in their preferred language.

Customer Login

To log in to Helpdesk, customers need to visit the SNPMB Helpdesk website and click on the “Login” button. They will then be prompt to enter their email address and password.


In summary, UVdesk supports SNPMB in the education field by offering efficient ticket management, centralized communication, self-service support through a knowledge base, and multilingual support.

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