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Updated 10 March 2022

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Discover the most innovative apps you’re building today using the UVdesk Helpdesk..

By white labeling your apps to showcase your company, you can create a seamless customer experience.
Turn your portal app into a white-labeled app, complete with all business workflows and processes.

You may fully edit forms to fit your logo, establish unique URLs, and even utilize your own domain as well as an online portal without scripting.

What exactly is a white-label Helpdesk?

The white-label functionality of UVdesk helpdesk lets you keep your brand identification across client-facing apps.

However, it enhances your brand image by displaying it on your form URLs and dashboards, as well as through customized UI on the business helpdesk.

Here, you can create your own brand by white-labeling helpdesk capabilities, with a helpdesk that supports the customer journey from sign-up to after-sales.

What is a Custom helpdesk development?

Custom helpdesk development means a helpdesk tailored just as per your requirements.

However, when you get a Custom helpdesk development, there is so much more you can select according to your specific needs.

Therefore, we provide bespoke custom helpdesk development services based on your requirements.

Build White label helpdesk with best-in-class Branding Crucial Features :

A Glossary Knowledgebase :

Customers can help themselves by reading rich Kb articles, which has resulted in a decrease in the number of incoming tickets, which is good for your help desk.

Design your Email Template :

The customized email template gives you the ability to design an email template that is tailored to your company’s needs in order to serve your consumers professionally.

Automated Workflow based on Business Goals :

Set up your helpdesk to take action automatically when certain events occur.

Agent Signatory :

You can add agent signatures to your tickets to make your messages more personal.

Brand Identity :

You can customize your portal to reflect your theme and give your users a memorable customer experience with UVdesk White label helpdesk.

Canonical Name Record :

We give the owner the option of adding CNAME to the registered Subdomain so that he or she can access the Subdomain through the CNAME as well.

Benefits of White Label UVdesk Helpdesk Development :

  • Cheapest
  • Simple and as well as quick
  • Keep the app development cost low
  • Consider Personalization

Spotlights of our UVdesk Helpdesk Support Services :

1. Ticketing system :

All incoming emails sent to your company’s email addresses will be forwarded to UVdesk and converted into tickets.

2. F2F demo :

The aim of the UVdesk helpdesk is to provide the best customer support whether it is over tickets or by F2F demo.

3. Email :

Convert all your emails into the tickets and provide support to your customers with the White Label UVdesk helpdesk.

4. Social Channel Integration:

You may use Social Media Apps to transform client posts and comments into support tickets for the White Label UVdesk helpdesk.

5. A well-defined knowledgebase :

The knowledgebase is an online library of information that can be related to the company, product, and much more, a detailed mentioned over the KB so that you can have all the information in a single place.

Therefore, a help desk tool can be customized to fit the needs of your company.

Integrations which White Label UVdesk Inherits :

We provide a customer support platform with an integrated help desk, live chat, shared inbox, and more, that covers everything you need to deliver world-class customer service.

1. eCommerce websites

eCommerce and marketplace integration with UVdesk helps you to provide real-time customer support by fetching order details on tickets.

2. CRM

Uvdesk also offers custom CRM development also integration as well. So that all of your customer inquiries are synced with your CRM system.

3. Multichannel Support

By integrating the UVdesk helpdesk form on your website, you can easily get customer, Now you can have all the queries from all possible channels in one place.

4. Secure Form Builder

In this Form Builder, you can add as many labels as you want. The user can manage the forms easily. When a user fills out the form, the ticket is automatically created on the UVdesk system.

5. 50+ Apps Integration

Get 50+ Apps. UVdesk White Label Helpdesk permits third-party integrations as well as integrations for the merchants also. It’s cloud-based, highly customizable, and as well as advanced.

Implementation & Migration Services

UVdesk helpdesk allows the user to import the data ( like tickets, customers, agents, mailboxes, saved replies, etc ) from one helpdesk to another helpdesk so that the user can manage under one roof.

One can import your existing data from :

1. osTicket

You can import your existing data like tickets, groups, teams, ticket-types, agents, customers, saves-replies to your UVdesk Helpdesk System seamlessly. The user can import the data in two ways- Full Database Import & Individual Resources Import.

2. Freshdesk

The user can import your Groups, Users & Tickets from Freshdesk to UVdesk.

3. Helpscout

The user can import data like Users, Customers, Mailboxes & Tickets from your Helpscout to UVdesk.

4. Zendesk

Likewise, you can import the data from your Zendesk to UVdesk.

FAQs :

Who can use a White-Labeled Helpdesk?

White-labeling allows you to keep your brand consistent across all client-facing apps.

What to Examine in White-Label app Solutions?

Buying a white-label solution can be a go-to option for businesses that need a helpdesk with a standard set of features.

This allows you to decide whether to use a white label helpdesk for your business or a highly efficient custom helpdesk based on your long-term goals….

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