Which one is good SaaS Based Help-desk or Cloud Based Help-desk?

Updated 4 October 2017

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SaaS-Software as a service is a software distribution model. With which third party provider anchor applications and construct them accessible to the customers throughout the internet. SaaS applications licensed on the subscription basis.

The third party is responsible for anything related to their server like security maintenance and performance of the application on their server. It’s not your responsibility to maintain applications. You won’t be able to get control over the customization and manage applications.

SaaS Based Help-desk Software

SaaS Based Helpdesk Software

You can access anytime anywhere that system if you are using the cloud-based software. You need to pay the very genuine charge as a rent to get space. Before cloud-based software, it was too much expensive to build own server set up for the company to access the data.

But now it’s quite easy because of cloud-based software. In cloud-based software, you will be the responsible for security performance and maintenance of the applications which you are running on third party’s server.

It will be quite beneficial if you are using the cloud-based software because you may use it anywhere through the internet. You need to pay a very nominal amount for this. Get the place in third party’s server and be responsible for your application and its performance which you are running on third party server.

Cloud Based Help-desk Software

Cloud Based Help-desk Software

In cloud-based, control will be in your hand to customize or manage applications on the server so you will be responsible for the performance maintenance of the application. Get full control over the application use and customize it fully and only pay the rent for space. This would be more beneficial than SaaS.

UVDesk Help-desk Software

UVDesk Help-desk Software

As we have a cloud-based helpdesk named UVdesk, UVdesk is a cloud-based help desk software which is built to cater the need of the clients with its incredible functionality. It has been built to solve the customer’s queries and deliver them the best solution. … It has all the features which a client would expect from any great help desk system.

For further details and query connect us on support@webkul.com

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