UVdesk vs osTicket 2023 Comparison

Updated 27 April 2023

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PHP-based helpdesk system

UVdesk/OSticket, Customer Support is the backbone of every business right at the moment customers are aware of their rights hence multi-channel support requires to manage all at one place thus helpdesk solutions are in trend.

Offering multi-channel customer support requires secured, scalable, extendable, and modular helpdesk software.

Few open source helpdesk systems are hit all across the globe I will be briefing out a comparative analysis of UVdesk vs OSTicket below:

Scalability of UVdesk vs osTicket:

Every trade entire the world intended to earn and expand with a large customer base. And it is possible only through quality delivery and a better customer support experience.

Moreover, Scalability is highly important to rely upon any helpdesk system.

However bad coded or bloated systems are also capable to deal with 10–20 requests at the same time.

As a business grows it increases its customer base as well. If there is a good customer base there will be the inquiry, complaints, return and refund queries all will rise day by day.

Therefore, enabling customers to connect through multi-channel for raising their concern to get the instant and right solution from the support assistants, multiple requests at the same time may down your helpdesk.

Load scalability, functional scalability, speed, and performance capacity, and how good helpdesk is in executing the third-party caching tool? is needed to handle the entire process using scalable helpdesk software.

If you want to implement Redis is a massive task in OSTicket but in UVdesk it can be easily implemented as it is built on the top of Symfony PHP Framework that supports all kinds of caching tools and utilities.

Tools and utilities supported by UVdesk are Varnish Support, Varnish Reverse Proxy, Memcached support, Redis Support, PHP 7 Support, Message Queue Support, GraphQL Support, and many more.

Security of UVdesk vs osTicket:

Helpdesk means support software and it deals with customers so the data stored or dealt with by helpdesk belongs to the customer.

Client data may include personal data, card details, server information, financial details, and many others.

Security must be the core of the customer support application thus the UVdesk is built on the standard of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

Multiple security vulnerabilities are found in OSTicket System. There must be a right protection system for security threats like SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, Client and Server Site Validation, and many more.

Thus UVdesk Team has taken this very seriously as we the Webkul are also using UVdesk Helpdesk System to deliver secure, reliable, and flawless support.

Furthermore, we’re constantly updating the UVdesk helpdesk system built on Symfony that is already secure.

Customization & Extensibility of UVdesk vs osTicket:

symfony php framework base helpdesk

As we’ve rich experience in the e-commerce industry we’re dealing with and every day we receive a number of customizations. Hence we truly believe every business is unique so one solution for all may not work.

That’s why we’ve built UVdesk and it is available as a SaaS-Based Helpdesk Solution and Free Open Source Helpdesk Software.

Open Source Helpdesk

UVdesk offers multiple cms extensions and a Dedicated Shopify Helpdesk and BigCommerce Helpdesk to reduce the merchant’s workload.

It offers full-fledged third-party module support so any developer can build a module utilizing the source code of an enterprise-level open-source helpdesk.

UVdesk is based on Symfony that’s why it is component-based. That is why the modification or building modules is easy on it but tough to build the module on osTicket.

UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk Ticket System provides full-fledged liberty to customize as per business requirements.

OSTicket does not follow a standard framework even the basic features are missing there, right at the moment not having a composer-driven system is a major drawback.

Composer Driven System is the basics which are followed by almost every existing software like Magento, Symfony, Laravel all are on the composer. Symfony itself introduces to the composer 6 years back.

Model View Controller: Composer-based MVC architecture includes the component that provides Agile Development Support.

Let’s take an example: Libraries do not exist in UVdesk and UVdesk Helpdesk users require libraries. You can easily include that because it constructs using Composer Base MVC Framework.

Not possible to include need libraries in OsTicket. You may include that but for sure it is going to be a bulky and massive task.


UVdesk is based on different pagination systems so it is easy to code.

It is Free Open Source PHP and Symfony-based helpdesk. Symfony and PHP both are on the top, right at the moment all across the globe for developing web apps.

PHP & Symfony both are remarkable plus famous among all the developers.

So it’s easy to find the developer to customize the UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk. And make it fit for the business purpose to deliver excellent support.

Moreover, It is very much flexible to customize for complex and high-grade support requirements of any trade. A developer can do the changes with very economical charges.

Because of high community support, popularity, and constant updates, a huge developer base is also available to do any customization.

OSTicket is not following the Global Development Architecture even not following TDD (Test-Driven Development).

UVdesk is base on Symfony Based Arcticuture plus we can apply LAMP/LEMP stacks to make the UVdesk Open Source fit for any environment for the easy setup and host on any hosting supports LAMP/LEMP.

We use it all together to make UVdesk Open Source easy to set up. And also host on any hosting which supports LAMP/LEMP.

open source helpdesk — UVdesk

Open Source Enterprise Helpdesk UVdesk supports Email Piping, Mailbox, Automate-Workflow, Knowledgebase, and Productivity Tools.

Apart from that it also supports – Ticket Management Tools. Saved-Replies, Prepared Responses, Branding Management, and every other standard feature.

Utilizing Free Open Source Helpdesk anyone can create multiple support agents, groups, or teams to deliver fast and efficient support.

Hurry up to Install – Open Source Helpdesk and IMAP/SMTP Setup to configure support mailbox.

We wish you to join the community to make this Enterprise Helpdesk more featureful and fault-free check out the link — https://github.com/uvdesk/community-skeleton

Enjoy the versatility and extensibility of a PHP-based Helpdesk System. To deliver a better customer experience.

If you have any queries feel free to ask your e-commerce evangelist who is ready to help raise your concern at support@uvdesk.com or refer to the link.

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  • sanam
    Hello Symfony version on uvdesk is outdated not supported anymore. Do you have plans to update it. thanks
    • Vidushi Singh (Moderator)
      Hello Sanam,

      Thanks for showing an interest in UVdesk.

      We are continuously updating UVdesk Community Skeleton and trying to make it more reliable and stable, you could also contribute into it by making pull request on github.

      For more details and further inquiry drop a email with us at support@uvdesk.com

      Thanks & Regards

      UVdesk Team