UVdesk Latest Release v1.0.16

Updated 2 September 2021

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What’s New in UVdesk v1.0.16?

“Hey everyone, welcome back to UVdesk latest release, in this article, i am going to tell you about what is new in UVdesk v1.0.16”

Firstly I want to thank all our UVdesk Community, Developers, the beginners, and our respective customers for their support and love for UVdesk.

You can also check over here : https://github.com/uvdesk/community-skeleton/releases/tag/v1.0.16

Now, let’s move on to the Agenda of this article is “What’s new in UVdesk v1.0.16”?

New Features That Are Inside UVdesk V1.0.16 :

Kudos :

Kudos is all about the ratings of agent‘s profile whether they have got a good response or the bad one from the customers.  It also displays whether the agent is a  star performer or a mediocre one.

  • In the Kudos phase inside the Reports, the owner or the agent can see the ratings provided by the clients for their support.
  • The agent or the owner can see Ticket Id, Customer Name, Customer Email, Timestamp on which Kudos Rating is supplied by the customer.
  • In the Filter View, the owner or the agent can see the Kudos Rating through choosing any specific AgentGroupTeamType, Priority.

Password Encryption :

Your data will be in the encrypted layout so that it will now no longer be accessed by us also. It will reduce the threat of information leakage and your data will be safe.

You are free to put encryption on any data you need and verify those data each time a user accesses it on your ticket system.

However, accomplishing data safety via encryption is a maximum efficient way, so right here UVdesk comes up with password encryption.

Here your data is confidential safe.

Mailbox Setting Upates :

Here UVdesk added a new option for mailbox setting that Email should be deleted from inbox after fetch and converted into ticket if user select that checkbox.

Therefore, Not deleting emails causes a host of problems with having to re-sync the entire list every time the cron job is run.

This feature allows you to set the mail configuration on the bases of below snapshot:

Timestamp Setting :

A timestamp is a time registered to a file, log, or notification that records when data is added, removed, modified.

Therefore, stamping device used for recording the date and time of day on a document, envelope, etc.

Here UVdesk comes with corrected time format for both agent as well as customer.

Collaborator Replies : 

Moreover, UVdesk comes up with collaborator replies adding to the ticket thread.

When the collaborator added a reply on the ticket then it will appear into the ticket thread along with Collaborator name.

Flash Message with warning :

A pop up will appear at the time of ticket creation if swift mailer is not setup or working with ticket create process.

Here you will get informed directly with this flash message if swift mailer is not working.

Remove Profile  Picture :

Here in Uvdesk remove option added for customer and agent both.

Now the agent as well as customer can add or remove the profile picture as per their own convenient.

Reply to CC and BCC  :

Reply from Customer Side also added CC and BCC mails in each ticket as per required.

Added Multiple Missing Translation :

You can easily carry out language translate for each the Admin dashboard and for the front-end view.

This will enhance and streamline customer service experience, because the purchaser will have access to translate their assist page as well as the whole Knowledgebase page.

Fixed multiple security :

UVdesk fixed out multiple security vulnerability issues as well, now your data is safe with our security system.

For more, please click here: https://github.com/uvdesk/community-skeleton

Thanks for reading the article about “What’s new in UVdesk Version 1.0.16”.

Hope it will be helpful for you or if you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket through our ticketing system.

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