Top 5 Popular Shopify Apps in 2021

Updated 25 February 2022

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About Shopify-

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company and it’s headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. And it’s a completely well-known online e-commerce platform that allows you to set up your online store to sell your goods.

The running of the e-commerce business with Shopify enhances the value of the whole platform. Using the Shopify platform you can manage the product which you are selling and you also can modify your storefront. It permits you to accept credit card payments and order tracking.

There are several Shopify apps which, if installed, smoothens the whole e-commerce procedure.

Whether you are a drop shipping importer or a tool to help with your email campaigns. You can quickly grow your store, even on a tight budget.

With over 1200 apps in the Shopify app store.

You have got numerous options for extending the functionality of your online store.

Whether you want to add customer reviews, improve email marketing, publish your products on Facebook.

Get in-depth analytics, there’s definitely an app for that.

But 1200 apps is like lots of irons in the fire.

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to highlight.

The Tops 5 most installed apps across the entire platform.

If you are just getting started on Shopify or you just want to get a review of the most popular apps on Shopify then this is for you.

Here that 5 top apps are:-

Oberlo App


Oberlo permits you to easily add hundreds of products to your Shopify store and never worry about packaging or shipping.

It also allows you to easily import and dropship products directly into your store.

Your orders are shipped directly to your customers in just a few clicks.

know that your inventory and prices are always up to date.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace App

The Multi-Vendor Marketplace app is a great tool to convert your shop into a fully functioning marketplace. It facilitates the process of adding sellers and keeping track of their sales. Sellers (or vendors) can have their own profile and collection page with a variety of products. Admin (or merchant) can easily set individual commission and global commissions for all the sellers.

Now you can convert your store to a full-fledged marketplace and per sale commission charged by merchant or admin.

The seller (or vendors) can also have their profile and collection page.

UVdesk Helpdesk App

With the use of the UVdesk Free Shopify Helpdesk, the app you can allow your customer to connect.

Your support staff anytime in order to get a quick and plausible solution in reference to their support query. Every query will be convert into a ticket which can be easily manage by the tools and tactics of UVdesk.

With the latest upgrade to PWA, now you can use UVdesk seamlessly on your smartphone like a native mobile app with features like offline syncing, mobile view UI, faster page load and addition to the home screen.

UVdesk Helpdesk can be fit for any kind of business. It is customizable as per the business requirement.

The basic feature to improve customer service is to provide efficient customer support in order to solve their raised concern coming from any channel.

Let them visit your site to raise their concern on the ticket panel or live chat.

box so that they can trust your brand just because of real-time support. It can increase conversion also.

It not only provides third-party integrations but also provides integrations to retailers in order to manage their business systematically or provide quick assistance to their customers.

Multi-channel Support

UVdesk Helpdesk provides customer support through multiple channels like email, website, forms, social media channels, e-commerce or marketplace channels, etc.

Multi-language support

Now the communication has become easier with the help of UVdesk. It’s a cost-effective marketing tool that increases sales and it supports multi-language this feature can beat your competitors.

UVdesk is an e-commerce helpdesk with multi-channel support and robust features to help you deliver fast & efficient customer support.

Social Media Apps

Now you can integrate your social media apps with UVdesk in order to solve your customer’s query coming from your social apps.

Every post, comment, and feed will convert into the UVdesk ticket which can be manage by the UVdesk tools and functionality.

Ticket Formation

Allow your customers to raise their concerns using email, social media channels, the store’s customer panel, or from your customer support panel. Every lead will convert into a ticket which the admin can manage easily.

Ticket Administration

To manage tickets coming from different channels there are multiple tools like ticket priority, labels, tags, task, agents, type, status, collaborator, etc which will make your work easy and faster.

Examine Agent’s Performance

You can quickly check the performance of any of your agents using the Agent Insight option which will uplift your customer support to the next level.

File Viewer App

No need to search and download files, again and again, using this app every file which has been shared between agent and customer can be viewed anytime on the ticket.

Import Data

Import the data like agents, tickets, teams, groups, customers from the third-party helpdesk ( Zendesk, Freshdesk, osTicket, Help Scout) to UVdesk effortlessly.

Email Management

You can configure your email id with UVdesk in order to convert all your customer’s emails into the UVdesk ticket.


You can create knowledgebase, FAQs for your customer so that they could help themselves.

Workflow Management

Admin can automate the process so that he should not repeat the same work, again and again, using some set of events, conditions to perform an action.

Form Builder App

Create a beautiful and effective embed custom form on any website or platform which suits your business requirements. You can create contact forms within a few minutes. The reason being is so simple you don’t have to write CSS or HTML. It’s easy to use because of the following facts- No coding required, Highly flexible, and Secure.

Bianka App

It’s is a small lightweight widget app that connects with your company’s knowledge base, which can then be easily embedded into your website to provide your users with quick support.

Once embedded, users can quickly search through your entire knowledge base to look for any relevant content that may help resolve their query through the widget.

E-commerce Helpdesk Connectors

We have built a few plugins that users can buy for free. So that they can provide great customer support from their store backend.

We are continuously adding the features and functionality as per the suggestion and needs of our customers to make it tremendous. UVdesk is highly customizable so it can be fit for any business type.

Product Auction App

With the help of the Product Auction App,

The admin can enable the bidding feature on products he wants to go for auction.

Monitor all the bids happening on the store from the app itself and much more.

This magical app called Auction will enable the feature of bidding and auction of products on your e-commerce website.

So don’t wait, install the app & start Bidding.

Using which Admin can add auction on the products,  admin can keep track of all the bids on the products.

Automatic emails are sent to the winner & loser of the bid.

Privy App

Privy is the free suite of email capture tools, including exit-intent driven website popups & banners, help you grow your email list from your Shopify store, social media channels, mobile, and in-store traffic. All without any coding or development skills needed.

Using which you can, rapidly grow your email list and store sales with high converting pop-ups, spin to win and offers with coupon codes.

Trigger popups using exit intent, time on site, scroll, cart size and more. Integrated with all email marketing platforms including Mailchimp, Bronto, Klaviyo, Soundest, Constant Contact, SendGrid, Adroll, Zapier and more.

Privy is trust by over 200,000 businesses, small and large, to capture and convert website visitors. With Privy, you’ll never need another popup, coupon or abandoned cart app again.

Privy’s integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus.

lets you set up your account in seconds and get your first campaign live right away, for free.

Along with that, You may also visit for Shopify mobile app builder

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