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Real estate industry is one of the largest economy and employment generators. As per the reports of BRICS this industry is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020. It’s quite obvious that there will be ample buyers and some will have thought of purchasing the property.

In order to encourage buyers and agents, real estate firms need to respond to their queries quickly and give them the access regarding property information and also offer good post-sales service as the unorganized customer support will have the bad impact on business.

In that case, you need a support tool that manages all the queries efficiently for making the hassle-free service experience for the people then the UVdesk is a helpdesk software that lets the users create tickets for all their queries which the staff can respond in time.

How UVdesk benefits the Real estate industry?


B2B customer support:

Buying property is for sure the most calculative task and the buyers want the complete understanding of this buying and selling process. That implies multiple questions from their side requesting for information and clarification. To handle the large volume of traffic and deliver seamless support to the customers, the UVdesk has the mail piping feature which converts all mails into tickets and forwards to the configured mailbox as real estate firms has to deal with lots of mails so integrating the communication is the only way to deal with all the queries.

Proper lead management and customer information:

UVdesk provides the great opportunity for real estate contact management as it can store all the relevant information of the customers likewise their e-mail id, contact details in the helpdesk system and you can access it easily. This helps in understanding them better as you have the complete record of them and you can give personalized responses to their queries. Thus, UVdesk is a CRM software that meets the needs of the business which has inbuilt task management facility that will never let you miss out the important leads.

Manage team collaboration:

For improving the collaboration between the team members, UVdesk has the feature of private notes where you can have internal discussions between the members for the purpose of discussing several queries of the clients or need a follow up on the task which has been assigned to the agents.

Self-service knowledgebase:

  • How can we approach you?
  • How can we initiate the purchasing of the property?
  • How do I cancel the booking and much more.

These piles of questions are intermittently asked by the customers. With vast knowledge base management, you can remove the need for the users to contact you, provide them the access to all the vital information related to the above-mentioned questions or any other on your UVdesk support center.

The real estate industry can flourish only when the satisfactory needs of the customers will meet. You can use UVdesk as your help desk system to deliver the exceptional customer service, encourage more customers to buy/sell and thus witness the overall development.

So, Sign up today to assist your customers better and deliver them the seamless support.

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