How to set up Shopify Helpdesk?

Updated 28 March 2023

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Integrate UVdesk Shopify Helpdesk to deliver excellent customer support. As Shopify is already most preferred SaaS-based complete eCommerce platform which allows you to set up the online store to sell goods. 

Shopify offers diverse handy tools and apps to make your online store perfect. It is easy to use, a highly customizable, and paid e-commerce platform which has become the prime choice for business owners, online sellers, and retailers.

Being an online retailer/seller/business owner at Shopify you will start getting customers at your store, at the initial stage, it would be fine for you to manage your customers.

Shopify Apps

Using the apps of Shopify you can run your store smoothly and can make your operations easier. But the strength of your customers grows as per the growth of your business then it wouldn’t be easy for you to manage your customers and solving their raised concern.

Customers are the key to thrive in any business so right time follow up and solving their raised concern can be the biggest marketing point to get positive reviews which will build trust to the coming new eyes.


Managing 1000’s of Emails, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slack, Disqus Comments/feeds/tweets, Customer’s Order Details, Query, Feedback, Attachments.

Typing the same reply multiple times, Performing tasks after every certain amount repetitively will definitely be hectic for you.

Suppose you are selling on various marketplaces and you are not using helpdesk then most of the time you will end up scratching your head.

A bunch of Helpdesk Systems are available, you can pick one of your choices to integrate that with your store.

In Shopify App Center type find  Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk and integrate it to let your customers raise Tickets to get prompt and reliable support.

Features of Shopify Helpdesk:

  • After Integration registered customers will be able to Create Tickets for their query from Shopify Store Front.

  • Store Admin or assigned support team will be able to reply Ticket from Shopify Back Office and UVdesk Account.

  • Admin can assign Tickets to Agent for prompt reply.
  • Admin can set Asset Visibility for Customer Ticket List and Admin Ticket List.

  • Admin or Support Team can automate actions and reduce response rate workflow.
  • Admin can create/ edit email templates to provide fast and personalized acknowledgment.
  • Ticket System will help Admin to provide the right follow-up at the right time.
  • All the Tickets, Conversations, Information, Shared documents/images/files will be saved in a systematic way into the UVdesk/ Shopify Back Office and in Customer Front.
  • Admin can create Ticket Types to separate the Tickets.


Steps to set up Shopify Helpdesk – User Guide 

UVdesk is a multilingual Help Desk for e-commercemarketplacesand multichannel which allows various ways to manage all the queries coming from different channels in one place.

Payment procedure of Shopify Helpdesk – Details

Shopify UVdesk Dashboard

Connect multiple stores with Shopify Helpdesk – User Guide

If you already have a helpdesk account that you would like to use across multiple stores then using this app, store owners can pre-configure their Shopify UVdesk Connector prior to installing the application on Store.

So that it could be connected with your helpdesk account during installation instead of creating a new helpdesk account.

Real-time order validation for better customer support

UVdesk has a unique order validation feature to save time for the genuine customer and to escape from fake queries.

Don’t miss any mail connect to Mailbox

With the help of UVdesk Mailbox, you can configure your support email address. Now, coming to every email to the configured email address will be converted into the UVdesk Ticket

And this feature ensures that you will never miss out on any single lead ticket that will remain open until you have not submitted the reply.

Create a secure Form and use it anyplace

Using the Form Builder App of UVdesk you can create a secured form based on your requirement

After creating the form you will get an embed code which you can paste anywhere on your website.

And moreover, every entry on the form will be converted into the UVdesk ticket.

Link website with knowledgebase to reduce Ticket Count

To reduce the Ticket/Query count make use of Knowledgebase and link that with your website using the Binaka App of UVdesk.

Now your customer can help themselves anytime using your systematic knowledge base.

If they are looking for something else than your provided article then they can send a message using the form which appears in Binaka.

Solution for the repetitive query – Saved replies

Saved Replies can be highly helpful in saving the time of your support staff for another deserving customer.

Automate the actions to save your time

Using UVdesk workflow you can automate the process which will help you in reducing response time. Quick response satisfies the customer and builds trust for your brand.

Connect 50+ apps

You can connect 50+ Apps with UVdesk like Utility Apps, Ticket Management Apps, Translation AppsSingle Sign-On AppsSeller Central Messaging AppMarketplace AppsE-commerce Apps

UVdesk allows third-party integrations as well as integrations for the merchants also. It is a highly customizable and advanced cloud-based helpdesk that could be fit for any e-commerce business requirement.

Hence, This will help you to get positive feedback, reviews, and high ratings.

For any queries and support, kindly email us at support@uvdesk.com.

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