How to provide customer support on Cs-Cart platform in 2021?

Updated 24 February 2022

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Cs-Cart is a very powerful e-commerce platform with an appreciable 8.7 AWA score. With the blend of its extensive features, it stands apart as one of the best in the market. And UVdesk is remarkable for providing customer support in an expert way.

Bagging over 500 features the platform offers full customization control, user-friendly interface, multiple storefronts, multiple payment & shipping options moreover SEO and great price point.

With the blend of its extensive features, it stands apart as one of the best in the market.

One of the best features of Cs-Cart is the fact that you can purchase the downloadable software and as well as have no additional ongoing charges.

Cs-Cart allows you to pay a single up-front charge and download the software so that you can move forward without monthly fees.

Cs-Cart is perfect for any business that needs a shopping cart solution that is easy to set up and budget-friendly.

Especially the small to mid-sized businesses.

The powerful product management system helps you add and as well as arrange your products in no time and manage product options, features, and filters easily.

In order to boost your sale cross-selling tools such as “bestsellers and on sale products, buy together, customers also bought” features are also available.

Having queries and questions?

Technical professionals are available 24*7 to drive you out of every trouble you come across over the platform.

Unlike Shopify and Bigcommerce, here you pay once and it’s all yours on your own server. Use, customize and expand based on your requirements.

Cs-Cart is much faster than Magento or Prestashop. Standing with 95 Google Pagespeed Points Cs-Cart is undoubtedly a very high-speed platform.

Cs-Cart is SEO friendly and attracts high volume traffic and improves your sales force. It is easy to customize and is easily molded and is therefore much userfriendly.

However more to its prestige then it also provides an intuitive admin panel and requires no programming knowledge for setup. The easy addition of new languages is another positive badge to its features.

The list never really ends but time and space as constraints, the 5 key features of Cs-Cart are:-

1- User – favorable admin panel

2- Respondent and agile storefront

3- Various payment and shipping methods

4- Supreme SEO tools

5- Different layout handler

Cs-Cart comprises all that one needs to boost the online store and with UVdesk alongside the brand and business value can be enhanced steeply.

So Cs-Cart is enough to empower your online store to attract new eyes. And now it is your deed to endeavor a trustworthy hand to your customer by offering them expert customer service. So the UVdesk is here which assures that you will never miss out on any lead because every lead is an opportunity.

Convert all your customer queries into the UVdesk ticket:


With the help of UVdesk, you can convert all your customer queries coming from different channels like Multiple Support Email Addresses, Social Media Channels, Marketplaces & E-commerce.

Into the ticket and you can manage all the tickets using Utility AppsTicket Management AppsTranslation Apps, etc.

Save your time for deserving one using an order validation system:


The alliance of CS-Cart with UVdesk will help in getting fundamental order details of CS-Cart Order ID for better support. It will assist the support staff to categorize fake and legitimate customers.

However, it will allow you to get all the order-related details at one place like order id, order quantity.

The name of payment method, order date, order price, Order status, Shipping information, and as well as Payment information using the order validation feature.

Manage your knowledgebase effectively to decrease ticket count:

knowledge basemidKnowledgebase

The secret behind the growth and success of e-commerce business is omnichannel selling.

Managing query coming from multiple channels will be hard for the store owner better to opt right way to deal with the same.

Keep efficient knowledgebase for the customers instead of giving them irritating customer support call for which they have been in the queue of call waiting.

The knowledgebase is an online library of information which can be related to the company,

Product or services or on any specific subject using which individual can help themselves. And knowledgebase can be very prolific for you.

Additional significant features of UVdesk to lighten your task:



With the latest upgrade to PWA, now you can use UVdesk seamlessly on your smartphone like a native mobile app with features like offline syncing, mobile view UI, faster page load and addition to the home screen.

Workflow Management Admin can automate the process so that he should not repeat the same work, again and again, using some set of eventsconditions to perform an action.

Form Builder App Create a beautiful and effective embed custom form on any website or platform which suits your business requirements. You can create contact forms within a few minutes. The reason being is so simple you don’t have to write CSS or HTML. It’s easy to use because of the following facts- No coding required, Highly flexible, and Secure.

Bianka App It’s is a small lightweight widget app that connects with your company’s knowledge base.

Which can then be easily embedded into your website to provide your users with quick support.

Once embedded, users can quickly search through your entire knowledge base to look for any relevant content that may help resolve their query through the widget.

Ticket Administration To manage tickets coming from different channels there are multiple tools like ticket priority, labels, tags, task, agents, type, status, and collaborator which will make your work easy and faster.

Examine Agent’s Performance You can quickly check the performance of any of your agents using the Agent Insight option which will uplift your customer support to the next level.

File Viewer App No need to search and download files, again and again.

Using this app every file that has been shared between agent and customer can be viewed anytime on the ticket.

Import Data Import the data like agents, tickets, teams, groups, and as well as customers from the third-party helpdesk ( Zendesk, Freshdesk, osTicket, Help Scout) to UVdesk effortlessly.


Introducing UVdesk Cs-Cart Free Helpdesk Ticket System:


Source – Cs-Cart

UVdesk – CS-Cart Free Helpdesk Ticket System integrates the UVdesk system to your CS-Cart store.

This add-on allows store visitors or registered users to create tickets regarding their queries from the frontend itself.

All the tickets can be viewed in the customer account at your storefront under the UVdesk Tickets option available in the My Account section. Admin can easily manage the tickets from CS-Cart back-end as well as from UVdesk portal.

Cs-Cart Helpdesk

Please Note – To use this extension, you must have UVdesk account. You can create a free UVdesk account here.

Highlights Of UVdesk Cs-Cart Helpdesk Ticket System

1- Integrate UVdesk Helpdesk System with your CS-Cart Store

2- An easy & effective interaction between Admin and Buyers.

3- A well-managed helpdesk system for your CS-Cart site

4- Absolutely Free of Cost Addon (Admin will have to sign up to UVdesk if he/she does not have an existing account)

5- Store visitors or registered users can raise tickets relating to any concern/issue/ inquiry.

6- Guest customers get registered automatically after raising the ticket.

7- Customers can manage their tickets from the front end.

8- Store admin can manage all the tickets from the CS-Cart admin panel.

9- Admin can reply to those tickets created by the buyer.

10- Admin can assign an agent to the ticket who will look after the customer issue.

11- Admin/Agent can create or delete or manage the tickets from CS-Cart backend as per the privilege assigned.

12- Admin/Assigned agent/Customers can add attachments to ticket replies.

13- The customer can add a collaborator to the ticket to keep the third party in the loop if needed.

14- Use Upgraded Uvdesk Plans to avail of various other features.

15- Improves customer retention and brand image.

In case of any doubt and queries please email us at support@uvdesk.com we would be happy to assist you.

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