How to provide better customer support on Magento in 2022?

Updated 3 March 2023

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Magento ( adobe commerce ) empowers a number of retailers and brands with the best flexible eCommerce platform to build your store and grow your business the effective use of customer support can boost your business.

As a premier Magento Development company, we offer end-to-end integration and support.

Magento is the most trendy word which doesn’t require any introduction. When we talk about e-commerce platforms, It’s an open-source platform written in PHP.

It capacitates countless brands, retailers, and sellers. It also provides a prime e-commerce platform and flexible solutions for continuous growth.

Due to the flexible cloud solutions, it’s getting hit by the top brands and retailers. Only Magento open-source can smartly tackle the dynamic buying pattern of the customers.

Importance of customer support in the online business:

1- Customers are the key to any business and online customer support is your only way to provide your customer an immersive experience of your services.

2- Efficient and fast customer service build trust among customers.

3- Providing relevant customer service you can win the heart of your customer for lifelong and customers prefer the company which provides good customer service than price.

4- User service is the only tool to reduce the pain points of your customers.

5- Reliable customer support will lead to customer satisfaction. It will get positive reviews and ratings for your business.

6- Positive feedback will attract new eyes to your business.

7- Customer service is the only way for the improvement of all over the business.

8- If you are giving the right customer service then you don’t need to pay for the marketing and advertisement of your business.

9- It increases brand awareness.

10- This will help you to get loyal customers for which every big company is paying much amount.

11- A great helpdesk provides complete e-commerce solutions and customer support as well.

The effective way to provide customer support on Magento(Adobe Commerce):

The effective way to provide reliable customer support is to make use of the helpdesk system or to use a connector for the same.

UVdesk is highly customizable, flexible, and mobile responsive. Complete e-commerce helpdesk system that provides multilingual and multichannel support using lots of advanced features, tools, and tactics.

UVdesk has been built upon advanced technology and API. It allows customers to integrate, configure and customize as per their requirements irrespective of their business.

It is better to think about future changes and build the product. Now you can add a new feature to your product instead of creating a new product for that particular feature.

The UVdesk API correlates with the Representational State Transfer category (REST).

It allows performing several actions like reading, editing, deleting, adding data to the helpdesk system.

The resources like tickets, agents, customers can be controlled using API. It also supports CORS ie. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

Importance of helpdesk:

1- 1000’s of emails every day

2- Quick view of countless documents, files, and images

3- Helpdesk ensures that you will never miss out on the deserving candidate

4- You can prioritize the task or lead using utility tools

5- Managing customer’s social media activity and query

6- Right time customer follow up

7- Automation to stop repetitive task

8- Every inquiry of your customer under one roof

9- Innumerous tools and tactics to ease your task

10- No load on your system as it is the cloud-based helpdesk

11- Economical than to keep a person to manage all the stuff using the traditional method.

Features of UVdesk Helpdesk


Ticket Administration

To manage tickets coming from different channels there are multiple tools like ticket priority, labels, tags, task, agents, type, status, and collaborator which will make your work easy and faster.

Marketplace Integrations

Now you can connect your marketplace apps like Mercadolibre, Amazon, and eBay to convert your customer’s messages or queries into UVdesk tickets and to fetch order-related details on UVdesk.

E-commerce Integrations

Now, provide real-time customer support using an order validation system after the Integration of your e-commerce store with UVdesk.

Multi-channel Support

UVdesk Helpdesk provides customer support through multiple channels like email, website, forms, social media channels, e-commerce or marketplace channels, etc.

Social Media Apps

Now you can integrate your social media apps with UVdesk in order to solve your customer’s query coming from your social apps.

Every post, comment, and feed will convert into the UVdesk ticket which can be managed by the UVdesk tools and functionality.

Workflow Management

Admin can automate the process so that he should not repeat the same work, again and again, using some set of eventsconditions to perform an action.

With the latest upgrade to PWA, now you can use UVdesk seamlessly on your smartphone like a native mobile app with features like offline syncing, mobile view UI, faster page load and addition to the home screen.

Form Builder App

Create beautiful and effective embed custom form on any website or platform which suits your business requirements. You can create contact forms within a few minutes.

The reason being is so simple you don’t have to write CSS or HTML. It’s easy to use because of the following facts- No coding required, Highly flexible, and Secure.

Binaka App

It’s is a small lightweight widget app that connects with your company’s knowledge base. It can be easily embedded into your website to provide your users with quick support.

Once embedded, users can quickly search through your entire knowledge base to look for any relevant content that may help resolve their query through the widget.

Ticket Administration

To manage tickets coming from different channels there are multiple tools like ticket priority, labels, tags, task, agents, type, status, and collaborator which will make your work easy and faster.

Examine Agent’s Performance

You can quickly check the performance of any of your agents using the Agent Insight option which will uplift your customer support to the next level.

File Viewer App

No need to search and download files, again and again, using this app every file which has been shared between agent and customer can be viewed anytime on the ticket.

Import Data

Import the data like agents, tickets, teams, groups, customers from the third-party helpdesk ( Zendesk, Freshdesk, osTicket, Help Scout) to UVdesk effortlessly.

Email Management

You can configure your email id with UVdesk in order to convert all your customer’s emails into the UVdesk ticket.


You can create knowledgebase, FAQs for your customer so that they could help themselves.

UVdesk Free Helpdesk For Magento 2

E-commerce Helpdesk Connectors

We have built a few plugins that users can buy for free. So that they can provide great customer support from their store backend.

You can integrate your Helpdesk extension for Magento 2 with UVdesk. It can provide customer support like a helpdesk. But I would suggest using the helpdesk instead of using connectors.


Magento 2 Free Helpdesk Ticket System is an amazing extension that allows customers to create support tickets regarding their queries.

The customers can easily create a ticket from the UVdesk option available in the My Account section.

Magento 2 Helpdesk Ticket Panel

The admin or its assigned agents can manage the tickets either from the Magento backend or from UVdesk Dashboard.

With the help of UVdesk Connector, all the information about the tickets is automatically synchronized between your Magento store and your UVdesk Dashboard.

Every ticket has a unique ticket number assigned to it which helps in managing them. Information such as ticket status, ticket priority, ticket labels, the number of replies, etc.

It can also be visible by the admin and agents.

Having a helpdesk ticket system for any kind of business small or big is very much necessary for providing customer service and support. The admin can enable or disable this module from the back-end.

Magento 2 Helpdesk Ticket Panel

  • This module integrates UVdesk Helpdesk System with Magento Store.
  • Only registered users are allowed to create a ticket from the front-end.
  • Ticket reply to the customer can be send either from Magento back-end or UVdesk Dashboard.
  • The filter option can be use to search any specific ticket using various properties.
  • Details of all the information about the ticket can be display on different labels and statuses.
  • The admin and its assigned agents have an option to attach any supported file in its reply message.
  • All the tickets can be managed either from the Magento back-end or UVdesk Dashboard.

In case of any doubt and queries please email us at support@uvdesk.com we would be happy to assist you.

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