How to configure Yahoo with Mailbox in Open Source Helpdesk – UVdesk?

How to configure Yahoo with Mailbox in Open Source Helpdesk – UVdesk?

Configure Yahoo with Mailbox to convert your support query emails into the Standard Ticket to deliver better customer support experience.

Ticket System comes with standard features and tools which minimize resolution time and maximize the Resolved Ticket Count with great customer reviews.

Steps to configure Yahoo with Open Source Helpdesk Mailbox – UVdesk:

Swift Mailer Configuration

1 – Login to your installed Community Skeleton Helpdesk Dashboard.

Login to Open Source Helpdesk

2 – Scroll down to the setting section and click on Swift Mailer.


3 – Now click to Add New button to set up Swift Mailer.

swiftmailer configuration

4 – Now fill the required details Swift Mailer Id, Transport, Email and

Swift Mailer - Add Details

  • Swift Mailer ID – Put any name for the identification
  • Transport – Name of Email Service you are setting Swift Mailer for like Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, Outlook, Yandex or other.
  • Email and Password (real password).

5 – Now click on Save Changes.

Mailbox Configuration

1 – Click on Mailbox in the Setting section.

Mailbox Configuration

2 – Now click on New Mailbox and fill the required details Mailbox Id,

Mailbox Configuration

  • Mailbox ID – Put any name for the identification
  • Sender Name – Put any name to be sent as sender name
  • Swiftmailer ID – Select the Swiftmailer ID from the dropdown you created for the same.

Mailbox Configuration Detail

  • IMAP HOST – Every email service has unique IMAP HOST like Gmail – {imap.gmail.com:993/imap/ssl}INBOX, Yahoo – {imap.mail.yahoo.com:993/imap/ssl}INBOX
  • IMAP username and IMAP password – Enter the IMAP email(All mails from this email address will be created as tickets) and IMAP password.

3 – Now click on Proceed button to save the configuration.

Swiftmailer.Yaml Configuration

Open your created helpdesk project with the respective editor.

editor mailbox configuration

Now find config =>  packages => swiftmailer.yaml and write smtp in transport

            transport: smtp
            username: username@abc.com
            password: '**********'

Important Note

1 – Setting up Support Email Id is mandatory because it sends the Ticket Replies to Customer’s Email ID hence follow the below-given code for Support Email Configuration:

    app_locales: en|fr|it
    # Default Assets
    assets_default_agent_profile_image_path: 'bundles/uvdeskcore/images/uv-avatar-batman.png'
    assets_default_customer_profile_image_path: 'bundles/uvdeskcore/images/uv-avatar-ironman.png'
    assets_default_helpdesk_profile_image_path: 'bundles/uvdeskcore/images/uv-avatar-uvdesk.png'

    uvdesk_site_path.member_prefix: member
    uvdesk_site_path.knowledgebase_customer_prefix: customer

    site_url: 'localhost/uvdeskviater/community-skeleton/public'
        id: Webkul\UVDesk\CoreBundle\FileSystem\UploadManagers\Localhost
        id: supportemailid@abc.com
        name: uvdesk_com
        mailer_id: yahoo
    # Default resources
            type: support
            status: open
            priority: low
            email: mail.html.twig


2 – Mailbox Configuration converts emails into the Ticket and support email set up sends Ticket replies to the customer’s mail id.

Yahoo Configuration

1 – Login to your Yahoo Account.

2 – Now Click on Settings => Account Info=> Account Security.

Yahoo Configuration

3 – In Account Security Allow apps that use less secure sign-in.

Yahoo Configuration

4 – Now click on Continue.

Send Mail to Configured Mail ID

Now send a test email to your Configured Email Id (configured mailbox).

Mailbox Refresh

Now open your installed Helpdesk Project on terminal and use below-given refresh mailbox command to get the emails converted into the Helpdesk Ticket, now admin or assigned agent can respond and resolve the raised concern:

php bin/console uvdesk:refresh-mailbox abc@yahoo.com 

Hope this user guide will be helpful for configuring any EMAIL with the Mailbox of Free Open Source Ticketing System. Mailbox configuration makes the support delivery process easier for business owners or support team and helps in delivering instant customer support solution.

If you have any query you can contact us at support@uvdesk.com and keep delivering your awesome support to our  Open Source Project.


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