Flipkart Fulfillment Logistics

Updated 31 May 2023

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Flipkart is an eminent marketplace and extensive website.Which allows the seller to sell their diverse product on this well-known marketplace once they have registered. It’s also promoting small and big sellers to sell their product on a big online shopping plaza.

Flipkart Fulfillment

Everything whatever company does in between after order placed online and delivered in customer’s hand called fulfillment.

Fulfillment means from the inquiry of product to the delivery of product is customer’s hand on right time.

Steps of Fulfillment written below –

  • Order Placed By Customer
  • Order Download in OMS
  • Inventory Allocation
  • Order Picking
  • Order Packing and generation of labels
  • Order shipment
  • Shipment Delivered

Flipkart Logistic

Flipkart uses their own admiring logistic named Ekart. It’s the one who delivers the product to the customer.Pricing and remote delivery were the vital points which led them to start their own logistic.

Using this new notion they have opened multiple warehouses across the country according to the need for that particular geography.Ekart is India’s largest logistics and supply chain company delivering shipments across 3800+ pin codes.

Ekart is a unique opportunity for the sellers who are selling their product on Flipkart. Now it has become the backbone of Flipkart.

Workflow at Flipkart after order placed online

Customer > Order > Flipkart > Seller and Ekart

Delivery Time = Process of Seller to Ekart and Ekart to Customer

Now on Flipkart, it is mandatory for the sellers to ship the product only through Ekart so that it could be delivered on promised time. When a customer places an order, Flipkart immediately sends the details about the order to the seller and Ekart. Seller packs it with Flipkart packaging material and Ekart picks it up from the seller and immediately it is sent to the customer.

There could be two situations which I have mentioned below

Dropship – Drop-shipping is the method of fulfilment in which seller does not keep the inventory in stock. Seller transfers the order request directly to the manufacturer, retailer, whole seller or who ships the goods to Ekart as it mandatory in case of Flipkart

Inventory – This method is used when the stock is available.Seller just handovers the ordered goods to Ekart

What happens if the customer returns the product?

In this case, when the customer returns the product, the seller has to wait for 30 days to receive the product and if the product is not damaged he gets happy.

To avoid this Flipkart has come up with new notion named Flipkart Advance where it offers to sellers that they could store the product in Ekart warehouse and it will be delivered to the customer within 24 hours.

One of the matchless step taken by the Flipkart is COD(Cash On Delivery)

Flipkart was not the first to start COD in India but yes it’s the first one to make it plausible and believable

Flipkart has trusted their customer more than anything. It allows their customer to return order several times in this case Flipkart blames the product not their customers.

Logic is simple there must be a deficiency and it can not be controlled the thing which could take place is an improvement and that’s why Flipkart has offered return option till you did not get your needful product.Now it has become a leader and people are applying the same to scale the heights of their business.

Nowadays we know , every retailer is selling their products on various marketplaces. It becomes really a tough task for them to verify a genuine customer coming from any random sources.

Now, flipkart being one of the biggest marketplaces and prime choice for most of the retailers, there is bigger chance of fraud customers coming on your portal and wasting time of your agents.

In such a case, helpdesk software like UVdesk Helpdesk can rescue you and save your time . You can easily integrate various marketplaces including flipkart with the helpdesk and find a genuine customer using just order ID.

Flipkart App Integration:

Link the gap between your Flipkart Marketplace and the Customer Support Service of your Flipkart Customers. Also, furnish close attention to each customer’s query coming from your Flipkart Store and resolve their issue in the less amount of time.

Confirm the order related details by fetching it from the Flipkart Marketplace on the ticket for the validation and avoid fraudulent queries.

Why do you need Flipkart App Integration?

This app gets the order related details like order date, status, dispatch status, quantity, title, etc on the ticket directly for the support agent to validate the order and proceed with the resolution.

The integration of Flipkart Channel is super easy and takes less amount of time.

UVdesk – eCommerce App Integration with Flipkart Marketplace

It’s pretty much easy to integrate Uvdesk with Flipkart Marketplace

With the help of Flipkart App, the support staff can see the order related details on the UVdesk Ticket System which will be fetched from the Flipkart Marketplace.

After the successful configuration, you will see a success message on the UVdesk. Now, on the ticket system, the support staff can enter the Order ID and select the platform or the Marketplace and then click on Fetch Order.

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