5 ways to deliver flawless support from Shopify store

Updated 18 February 2022

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E-commerce merchants are using various complex tools almost every day to give outstanding support to their customers like ticket systems, helpdesk, feedback forms, FAQ & knowledgebase.

In the E-commerce market, you can easily find out million’s of solutions for the same when you are searching on Google SERP. Multiple software companies are continuously working way hard to build such kinds of connectors, add-ons, and apps, especially for the Shopify store.

But the thing is that all solutions focus on distinct business objectives. None are directly complete helpdesk systems some are for knowledgebase focus and others are for only email support and helpdesk based that charged too much for a single software.

You can also see some Shopify customer support apps, for a specific business purpose-

Email oriented: Some apps are especially based on only email support like – Happy Email, OrderlyEmails and etc.

Files sharing oriented: Uploader and some other app in Shopify is simply used to send files over the tickets.

Custom form oriented: To create a form over the website, such kinds of apps are available from Shopify Marketplace – single Form Builder app, easy contact form app, and more.

Knowledgebase oriented: There are some apps are available which are totally based on FAQ & knowledgebase here are some knowledgebase oriented Shopify Apps – HelpCenter, FAQ by POWr and etc.

UVdesk is by far the highest-rated and most popular Helpdesk ticket system specially designed for the Shopify store which offers all the above features including 50+ apps gathered in its one software.

Manage all Your Support in one dashboard

We completely realize with the experience of our Merchant that it’s too difficult to manage customers directly from both sides – Helpdesk dashboard and store backend.

By integrating with the Shopify store with the UVdesk e-commerce helpdesk app, the Merchant can simply respond to customer queries by applying amazing tools from both panels Shopify store backend and UVdesk dashboard as well.

Now agent and administrator can change ticket status, priority, ticket types and can assign to other agents, teams, and groups as well from both panels.

Shopify helpdesk app in UVdesk allows setting complete helpdesk system for their multiple Shopify Store.

Store owners and support staff also see the order-related details in real-time over the tickets to avoid fraudulent and unwanted tickets.

Auto respond to a customer query

As a Merchant, if you don’t make a solid effort(automated action) to organize great rules throughout your all-channels customer service, it’s going to be a drag.

Automated rules: Automate your processes by creating a set of rules and presets to respond faster to the tickets.

Prepare preformatted reply: Save agent workload and time by generating some pre-defined reply templates to the most common queries that will help the agent to answer the question within a single click.

Create manual workflow: Prepared Responses will help to automate a few things manually like ticket assignment, changing the status, tags, priorities, etc as per the need.

Customize email template: Pre-Defined email templates along with Name, Subject, and Body are sent as an automated response as an acknowledgment.

Serve your customer through Multiple Channels

If you are selling in multiple stores, marketplace and also promote your product and service on social media and might be you have a separate team for those are handling such departments respectively.

On the other hand, your customer has the freedom to contact you from any channel either social media, email, marketplace, or store.

How does your social team respond to customers without knowing the previous ticket information, If the customer raised the query earlier to another department?

That’s why it is a must for all the merchants to have a Helpdesk system that delivers customer support across all the channels that your customer will use.

Right time audit of support agent performance

As an Administrator, it is your responsibility to assess your company’s success and find out the complete report of your agent work history within a time period.

There is a need to analyze the efficiency of your team to scale out each support staff performance along with tickets and customer feedback.

Using Reports, you can monitor daily ticket activity across agents in terms of First response time, Fastest Resolution, Number of Tickets Resolved, Count of Customer Helped with ticket Count, and so on by selecting weak, month, and day in the time range.

Admin can also see total counts in New Tickets, Replied Per Ticket, Tickets Per Agent, Tickets Unanswered, Tickets Resolved.

UVdesk integration overcomes a lot of agent workload by utilizing the UVdesk countless features and makes agent experience more productive.

Make it convenient for the customer to contact you

Almost every consumer wishes to get a quick answer. And an easy way to find out their answer before going to make a purchase. If they are facing the challenges to search out the wanted answer so this is the sign of losing your customer.

How can you make things more convenient for your customers? Here are three inbuilt UVdesk tools that will help your customer to answer inquiries faster –

Knowledgebase: Display a complete description of the primary and common business highlights to the customers over the support panel and fix the doubt beforehand.

Secure custom Form: Build a customizable form using FormBuilder that fits all business needs without coding. Fix the customs form anywhere on the website and create a ticket after every form submission.

Knowledgebase fetching tool: By embedding Binaka(a small lightweight widget app) into your website, users can quickly search through your entire knowledge base to look for any relevant content that may help resolve their query through the widget.

For any queries or suggestions get back to us at support@webkul.com or raise a ticket at our Support system.

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