5 Essential Tips to Boost Sale on Amazon

Updated 1 October 2019

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In this fast-paced world of eCommerce everyone pushing their business towards achieving more & more sales and practicing all possible strategies.

We all know 55% online sales taking place through Amazon Marketplace which is a great eCommerce business for online sellers. Below, the graph illustrates the annual revenue of Amazon from 2004 to 2018:
Amazon revenue graph

Despite having a highly competitive climate and unconditional demands of modern customers Amazon left a great remark across the world.

Reports say In 2019, Prime members spent an average of $1,400 on Amazon, whereas non-Prime members spent around $600.

Amazon provides to reach an extensive audience. For this cause, many sellers feel that an Amazon presence is crucial to the growth and prosperity of their business.

Although to keep stay among practiced competitors is not easy. To do that, you need to know what it is and understand how Amazon experts are playing, and what goes into a successful strategy.

There is plenty of tips available on google to generate revenue on Amazon. In this read, we’ll focus on a few noteworthy essential strategies which work. Here are some highlighted approaches utilizing by experts:

#Grab Buyers Attention

Pricing and Promotion both are powerful keys to getting attract the customer towards your product. Before making purchase decision customer often search for sale and try to seek product at discount price.

grab buyer attention uvdesk

Learn the shipping price for your category so that you can offer free shipping and get more orders, even if you want to display the product in front of your customer try Amazon sponsored products.

It allows your product to be displayed below search results, in the right-hand column or on detail pages. To make adds more visible, can also create promotional offers on Seller Central such as discounts, customized claim codes, free product offers, etc.

#Optimize Product Listing

Almost 80% of customers used to search the product on Amazon via the search bar, so make sure your product comes out on top of the search result page, How it could be possible?

Amazon Seo UVdesk

To do that, Amazon seller must understand the Amazon search algorithm. An optimize SEO and relevant listing turns your product on the first page. If not, then reoptimize your product title, description, and bullet points with these relevant keywords so they automatically come up.

SEO & campaign on Amazon need to get special attention which helps to increase traffic towards your product listing. Amazon has some product order ranking factor, so pay attention to keywords and do some research on Amazon SEO factors.

#Expedite your Learning on Selling on Amazon

The Amazon channel has its own procedures, you should accept and follow the same and start learning everything about selling on Amazon helps to grow your business with ease.

Understanding end to end processes, services, tools, products, and policies will help you stand out. To learn more about Amazon procedure can take online learning webinars sessions.Amazon webinar uvdesk

Getting familiar with the offered program and right approaches automatically increase the sale flow so, you must nail to your learning scale. This is something which I learn from my experience.

#Incentivize Customer Ratings

Almost customers often view the product rating, comments, and feedback before going to buy any product. It could be either positive or negative.

Customer Feedback

Customer rating is the primary focus if you are selling on Amazon which plays a vital role in order to drive the sale so, always try to get 5* ratings from customers by giving them flawless support.

For those, you must use a standard and powerful tool like a helpdesk system which converts all feedback message along with customers inquiries from your Amazon Seller Accounts as a ticket make support process faster through a single medium.

Couple of helpdesk available such as UVdesk supports multichannel including email piping, social medial, eCommerce and marketplace. In addition, the multilingual feature gives the freedom to spread your business across the world.

#Retain Customers by giving them Comfort

Every customer is important either he is going to purchase from you or purchased before. Keep engaging your old and new customer and try to give them comfort as they all need. Know your customer pain and overcome it with proper solution always works to get more & more customer.

All know to deliver 100%  good support is not an easy task when having high customer inquiry with less support member on Amazon where you have to give the answer within the tight deadline but it’s not that much tough.

UVdesk Help Desk Amazon

A complete automated marketplace oriented system which has functionality for the canned response for common queries, highly customizable follow-up rule, standard automated workflow based on events, conditions and actions make more conversion over Amazon.

#In Short Conclusion

Simply start registering on Amazon and sell product globally to customers around the world.

Relevant keywords, high-quality image, well-explained product description with optimizing SEO, high rated product, and quick support among amazon customers get success over Amazon competitive ground.

In case of any doubts or suggestions regarding the UVdesk integration with Amazon get back to us at support@uvdesk.com or raise a ticket at our Helpdesk system.

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