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Live Chat ChatWhizz Integration


ChatWizz is a communication tool for clients, consultants, and organizations. It provides the functionality where different team members can communicate with each other.

It is a SaaS-based which enables text, media, and screen sharing facilities. Also, you can do audio/video calls with your colleagues.

ChatWizz supports different add-ons. Admin can customize ChatWizz as per their requirements. ChatWhizz has an add-on named ‘UVdesk Plugin’, by which the admin can merge the UVdesk helpdesk with it.

What is the need for the Live Chat ChatWhizz Integration module?

It enhances ChatWhizz’s capabilities. Now an operator can create tickets on the customer’s behalf.

When a customer raises a query, an operator needs to respond back in order to provide support to the client.

So during a live chat or after that, the operators have an option by which they can create tickets for further support.


  • Admin can keep track of chats
  • An operator can send chat history in the attachments.
  • Enhance customer experience
  • A well-managed chat system for the organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the operator search the client on the basis of the client’s mail id?

No, the operator cannot search the client by email id on the ChatWhizz but can search via name.

How many plugins need to be installed?

UVdesk plugin and the live chat support plugin must be installed in ChatWhizz to create tickets.

Do we have chat history in the ticketing system?

Yes, the customer and the support agent will get the complete chat history over the ticketing part.

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