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API Docs Helpdesk Solution for Vietnamese Popular Airline Company






API Docs Helpdesk Solution for Vietnamese Popular Airline Company

Vietjet Air is a Vietnamese low-cost airline that was founded in 2007 and currently operates 197 routes both domestic and international flights to destinations across Asia. Vietjet Air has a fleet of more than 70 aircraft including A320 and A321.

It has rapidly become the largest private airline in Vietnam and, with its average fleet age of between two and three years, Vietjet Air is proud to be one of the airlines having the newest fleets in the region and the world.

Vietjet is the Best Ultra Low-cost Airline as per the global rating review site Airlines Rating for five consecutive years (2017-2021).

It has also received several awards for being one of the Top 50 airlines for healthy financing and operation; The best airline business in Southeast Asia and Vietnam’s top 50 listed companies and the top 10 corporate governance companies on the stock exchange.

Compare Flight Prices Online

Before the advent of e-commerce and the Internet, passengers used to book their flights through travel agencies or airline ticketing offices.

Travel agents were quite popular as they had access to airline schedules and fares and could provide customers with multiple options to choose from. Customers would visit travel agencies in person or call them to make a reservation.

Talking about the present scenario, travel technology has changed consumer behaviour, and now we have multiple ways to book flights. One can simply visit the airline’s own website or go to flight aggregator platforms that allow travellers to compare and reserve flights from various airlines in one place.

These online platforms provide customers with a range of flight options based on their search criteria, including flight times, prices, and airlines.

Some popular flight aggregator websites include Skyscanner, Wego, Kayak, Google Flights, Momondo, CheapOair, and many others.

Each of these websites has its unique features and advantages, but they all aim to provide travellers with a convenient and cheapest way to search and book flights.

How Does Flight Comparison Website Work?

Flight aggregator websites typically use APIs (Application Programming Interface) provided by airlines to fetch flight data and provide consumers with a consolidated view of available flight options.

The process typically involves the following steps:


The aggregator website integrates with one or more flight booking APIs, which provide access to flight information such as routes, schedules, fares, availability, and other information.

User Search

When a customer searches for a flight on the aggregator website, the website sends a search request to the integrated API, including the user’s search criteria such as origin, destination, date, number of passengers, and other details.

API Response

The integrated API responds with flight data that matches the user’s search criteria, including flight details such as airline, flight number, departure and arrival times, stops, layovers, duration, and fares.

Data Aggregation

The aggregator website aggregates the flight data from multiple APIs and presents the user with a consolidated view of available flights, showing the flight options from multiple airlines and travel booking companies on a single page.


When the customer selects a flight option, the booking aggregator website redirects him to the airline or travel booking company’s website to complete the booking process.

Overall, the flight aggregator website acts as an intermediary between customers and airlines or travel booking companies, providing a convenient way to compare and find the best deal without having to search through multiple websites manually.

Vietjet Air API

Vietjet Air also provides API that allows developers to access its flight booking system and retrieve flight timetables, availability, fares, and make flight reservations online.

So now anyone can use the Vietjet Airlines API and integrate it into their existing travel website, travel mobile app, or platform. Some of the key features of the Vietjet Air booking system API include:

  1. Search and retrieve flight data: to get flight listings with logo, availability, arrival, departure, fare class, and other flight-related information through the API.
  2. Book flights: make flight reservations via API, and receive real-time confirmation.
  3. Manage bookings: modify flight bookings, like editing passenger information, cancelling, and more.
  4. Ancillary services: access information on add-on services such as baggage, seats, and meals.

Overall, the Vietjet Air API provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources for developers to build integrations with Vietjet Air’s flight booking system.

Vietjet Air Support Portal

To help the developers and integrators the Vietnamese airline has created Vietjet Support Portal, which provides API documentation having detailed instructions on how to use their API with sample requests, endpoints and some important links.

The Vietjet Air API Support Center is there to assist travel agents and agencies, comparison websites, and other travel partners who want to book and retrieve Vietjet flight data.

They can use this support portal to find resources and integrate Vietjet Air booking APIs, read terms of API service, and reach out to the Vietjet technical team.

Vietjet Support Portal is developed using UVdeska web-based open-source helpdesk solution. It provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage support tickets, queries, knowledge base, and various other tools to streamline support operations.

Vietjet uses UVdesk to provide developer documentation to their users by publishing various dev docs articles in the knowledgebase section. There are folders (categories) and a search option that enables developers to quickly find what they are looking for.

Furthermore, the developers can open a case, and fill out all the necessary details like company name and agency code. Once the ticket is successfully created, an email confirmation is sent as well.

Following that, the developers can log in to the Vietjet Support Portal to view the information entered and further add comments or attachments.

Also, whenever the Vietjet product support specialist responds to the issue an email is sent to the user. You can then either reply to the email, which automatically adds a comment to the issue. Or log in again at the support portal to reply to your request.

Helpdesk Solution for Travel Businesses

Vietjet API Support Portal shows us that the UVdesk helpdesk solution is not limited to only one type of business, rather it can be used by a wide range of businesses across different industries even for travel and hospitality support.

So this means that any business that interacts with customers or needs to manage inquiries, support requests, or needs to manage technical information can benefit from using the UVdesk helpdesk solution.

UVdesk platform is today helping businesses across the globe of all sizes from small-scale startups to large enterprises. Unlike other helpdesk solutions, the UVdesk is competent to manage your bulk inquiries and organize valuable resources for your users.

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