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Helping New Musicians and Artists with Dedicated Support System






Helping New Musicians and Artists with Dedicated Support System

SelfDistro is a digital music distribution platform that assists individual artists and record labels to sell and release their music on popular streaming services. Such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, YouTube Music and many more.

It provides an advanced digital delivery solution and personalized support at reasonable prices. With an easy-to-use self-service portal, SelfDistro gives music creators the tools and services they need to promote their work to a worldwide audience.

Online Music Streaming Services

By 2013, on-demand music streaming services has taken down online music stores as the main revenue stream of digital music.

In March 2022, according to IFPI global music report, the wholesale revenue in the industry had increased over the past 20 years.

With paid music streaming services accounting for $12.3 billion in revenue and ad-supported streaming for $4.6 billion.

It is intriguing to note that music streaming revenues had more than doubled since 2017, and the estimated number of users of paid services exceeded 523 million.

But often these streaming platforms face criticisms over the royalty amount they share with the artists. They are targeted for not fairly compensating original musicians and songwriters.

Selling Music Online

Well if someone is a songwriter, singer, or composer and wants to publish their music on popular streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music etc. They either need to be signed up with a record label or collaborate with a music distributor.

New artists cannot simply upload music content to popular digital music stores by themselves. But with the help of online distributors like the SelfDistro, they can release and sell music to leading streaming services and other top digital stores of their choice.

How SelfDistro Works?

Once a new artist signs up on SelfDistro and the artist needs to select pricing plans based on the budget. It offers unique per-track or pay-as-you-go pricing.

After that, the artist will upload the music file and add track information. Then, SelfDistro sends the artist’s new release file in high-quality digital format (.wav, 44.1 kHz 16 bits stereo or .flac) to hundreds of digital music stores and streaming services in under 24-72 hours.

Now, every time your music streams or download worldwide, you will receive earnings, and the money goes directly into your SelfDistro account.

Also, the SelfDistro team takes care of the reporting, sales collections and any administrative hassle. Moreover, they pay the artist’s share of the money received from ad revenues.

OpenSource Helpdesk Ticket System

The SelfDistro platform works great and it is built with custom Magento development. It serves the purpose of managing customer user accounts, orders, and payments.

Like all businesses, SelfDistro also needed a dedicated system to manage their client queries and provide a self-service information panel where all the answers are available properly.

SelfDistro currently uses UVdesk Open Source which works as an all-in-one helpdesk solution including the Knowledgebase section.

UVdesk Open Source is an enterprise-level free helpdesk ticket system. UVdesk by Webkul brings a better communication approach to the digital commerce world using the Standard Symfony PHP framework.

Further, being an open-source technology, any developer can edit the UVdesk source code and customize the helpdesk system platform according to their business need.

Knowledgebase FAQ Section

Every organization needs a knowledge base repository for their end-users or customers. As it allows them to discover all the helpful information they need in an organized way.

In UVdesk, the Knowledgebase feature is already included that enables businesses to create folders, and categories, and publish FAQ articles.


In SelfDistro, the Knowledgebase section not only assists artists and musicians but also helps the support team to lessen their workload.

Because new users are more likely to find answers to their queries without needing to reach out or call the SelfDistro team.

Another benefit of Knowledgebase is its 24×7 availability, the information is accessible any time of the day. This allows users to not wait till the morning or the next working day to find any answer or resolve issues.

FAQ Articles

In the UVdesk helpdesk system, all the FAQs are organized similarly to blog post articles.

For every query, dedicated web pages are created with separate URLs. This greatly helps in search engine optimization and driving more new users (artists) on the SelfDistro platform.

Creating Support Ticket

With the UVdesk helpdesk platform, SelfDistro users can also create support tickets to contact the staff. This is can be really helpful when the customers are unable to find answers in the knowledgebase or go through all the FAQs.

With its extensive list of features, the UVdesk helpdesk platform serves the purpose of an all-in-one customer support software. Strengthening customer service experience and also improving business productivity.

From creating tickets automatically from email inquiries, saved replies, user management, workflows, and much more.

End Note

To conclude, we can say that, the helpdesk system is needed for every small and big business, irrespective of the industry. SelfDistro with the help of UVdesk is now able to manage and streamline all its customers’ queries in one place.

By doing this, SelfDistro is not only helping new musicians and artists to sell their work to the world. But also able to communicate via a dedicated customer support system and resolve their issues.

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