RSRTC Transport Corporation Improves Customer Service with UVdesk






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RSRTC Transport Corporation Improves Customer Service with UVdesk

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in the State of Rajasthan.

The corporation has been established by the Government of Rajasthan on 1st October 1964 under the Road Transport Act 1950.

RSRTC plays a crucial role in the transportation infrastructure of Rajasthan, catering to the diverse travel needs of the people.

RSRTC services

The corporation operates a vast fleet of buses that cover a wide network of routes, including both rural and urban areas. From major cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur to remote towns and villages, RSRTC buses serve as a lifeline for thousands of commuters.

In addition to its regular bus services, RSRTC offers various specialized services to cater to different segments of passengers.

These include Volvo and Mercedes-Benz buses for luxury travel, express services for faster journeys, and sleeper buses for overnight travel. This diverse range of services caters to the varied preferences and requirements of passengers.

How UVdesk Empowers RSRTC for Better Service Delivery?

This case study explores how UVdesk, a cloud-based helpdesk and customer support platform, has empowered Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) to enhance its customer support and improve service delivery.

RSRTC, one of the prominent transport corporations in Rajasthan, faced challenges in managing customer inquiries, complaints, and requests efficiently.

RSRTC recognized the potential of UVdesk in meeting their requirements and decided to implement the platform.

Users can book online tickets by accessing the RSRTC portal as shown below:

If the user will face any issues regarding account activation, email notification, OTP, and any other related to the bus service then they can directly raise a ticket by just simply connecting to the RSRTC helpdesk portal.

Implementing UVdesk for Enhanced Customer Support: RSRTC’s Journey

The implementation process involved configuring UVdesk according to RSRTC’s specific needs, integrating it with their existing systems, and training their support team to effectively utilize the platform’s features.

RSRTC recognized UVdesk as a suitable solution to address their challenges and decided to implement the platform.

Empowering Self-Service with a Knowledge Base

UVdesk’s knowledge base feature enabled RSRTC to create a self-service portal of frequently asked questions regarding:

  • User manuals about the bus service inquiry of RSRTC
  • About the offers of reservation facilities for all deluxe and express buses.
  • About the concessional fare to the sick, freedom fighters, widows, and families of soldiers who died in the war.
  • The refund policy.
  • Email activation.
  • OTP issue.
  • Transaction fails.

Raising Tickets through RSRTC Helpdesk Portal

UVdesk provides an efficient helpdesk portal to all the users so that they can inquire about their issues related to login issues, email activation issues, e-ticket bookings, cancellation rules, and refund policy by just simply accessing the helpdesk portal and raising a ticket.

Efficiency in Action by Setting Up Workflows 

With UVdesk, a powerful help desk and customer support platform, RSRTC has achieved a remarkable transformation in workflow management, empowering its team to deliver exceptional service.

This will help RSRTC to complete the daily routine task, RSRTC corporation has set up different workflows related to the bus services, inquiry tickets, refund tickets, general query tickets, cancellations tickets, and much more, this will help to reduce the manual process and saves the time as well.

Customer Portal Experience

It will provide a separate login to all the customers to access their tickets, this way customers can able to create new tickets and also they can able to track their previously raised tickets.

Customizable Helpdesk

With a customizable helpdesk solution, businesses can customize the user interface, workflows, ticket management processes, and automation rules as well, and UVdesk is one of them, it is open to all and you can free to inspect the code on your own.

RSRTC has designed the helpdesk interface to reflect its brand identity, providing a consistent and cohesive experience for customers.

However, a customizable helpdesk solution empowers businesses to shape their support operations according to their specific needs and requirements.


The implementation of UVdesk enabled RSRTC to revamp its customer support operations, transforming its service delivery capabilities.

Overall, RSRTC plays a vital role in Rajasthan’s transportation ecosystem, connecting people and communities across the state, a help desk is essential for a transport corporation as it provides a structured and efficient approach to customer support, RSRTC makes it easy by choosing UVdesk helpdesk ticketing tool.

Thank you for reading the RSRTC case study, we hope you find it helpful.

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