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Empowering the Canadian Non-Profit Immigration Support Community






Empowering the Canadian Non-Profit Immigration Support Community

The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) is a Toronto-based non-profit organization that provides multiple services with a focus on skills training and economic development.

The foundation provides a variety of services, including immigrant settlement, language training, career exploration, job portal search, child care, youth programs, and mentorship.

LEF assists every newcomer to understand their unique needs and create a personalized settlement plan to build their new life in Canada. They also provide access to the appropriate services and programs both at LEF and within the community.

LEF team follow up regularly to ensure their activities and referrals are meeting their needs and provide additional support as new immigrants move forward with their settlement plan.

LEF Newcomers Program

LEF’s newcomer settlement services (Immigrant Settlement Adaptation Program) was launched in 2008 due to community demand. LEF offer a complete dedicated program for newcomers to Canada to facilitate their transition and support economic integration into a new country.

At LEF, they understand how immigrants and their families are faced with many questions as they settle into their new lives as Canadians. That’s where LEF Newcomers Program can help.

The LEF Newcomers Program services continue to be available by in-person appointment and remotely via telephone, online, Zoom and other platforms such as LMS (learning management system). Moreover, those services which are not available at LEF can refer to a large network of community partners.

To efficiently manage support inquiries and improve the overall experience for their new and existing community members, LEF Newcomers decided to implement UVdesk, a comprehensive helpdesk software solution.

Why Helpdesk Software is Needed for Non Profit Organizations?

Similar to retail businesses, all types of organizations like NGOs, charity foundations, and crowdfunding platforms need a helpdesk software solution to manage their communication and interactions with the stakeholders.

So LEF Newcomers being a nonprofit organization needs to constantly share information and updates with newcomers and refugees. The organization also faces many challenges as below:

Managing diverse client inquiries

LEF Newcomers get a wide range of inquiries from new immigrants and settlers, including requests for assistance, information about programs, and general inquiries. The organization struggled to manage these inquiries effectively, resulting in delays and inconsistent responses.

Limited communication channels

LEF Newcomers primarily relied on email and phone calls for external communication. However, this approach posed challenges in terms of tracking and organizing interactions, leading to information gaps and difficulties in providing timely support.

Knowledge management

The organization lacked a centralized knowledge base, making it challenging for staff and members to access relevant information quickly. This hindered their ability to provide accurate and consistent responses to inquiries.

Why Choose UVdesk Helpdesk for Non Profit Government Organization?

UVdesk is a free, open-source and customizable helpdesk software and it is adaptable to all types of organizations. The LEF Newcomers adopt UVdesk as their helpdesk software solution to address the challenges they faced in their immigration support operations.

UVdesk offered the following features and functionalities:

1. Centralized ticket management system

UVdesk provided a single all-in-one customer service platform for managing inquiries and requests. Staff members could create, track, and prioritize tickets based on urgency and topic.

This streamlined the handling of inquiries, ensuring that each support request received proper attention.

2. Multichannel integration

UVdesk allowed LEF Newcomers to consolidate support queries from multiple channels, including email, phone, and social media, into a single platform.

This integration facilitated better organization and tracking of client interactions, ensuring that no inquiries were overlooked.

3. Multilingual support

LEF is an immigration organization that serves individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds. The UVdesk helpdesk software with multilingual support helps to ensure that individuals can receive assistance in their preferred language, thus improving the quality of service provided.

UVdesk helpdesk software supports all foreign languages and is powered by Google Translation AI integration. It is a multilingual neural machine translation service developed by Google to translate content from one language into another. This is also very useful to translate e-commerce data like Magento 2 catalog translation.

4. Knowledgebase section

UVdesk enabled LEF Newcomers to create and maintain a comprehensive knowledge base. Staff members could easily access relevant information, links, and resources to provide accurate and consistent responses.

Additionally, a self-service portal was established to empower clients to find answers to common questions independently.

5. Collaboration and workflow automation

UVdesk facilitated internal collaboration among staff members. They could assign tickets, share information, and collaborate on resolving client inquiries effectively.

Automated workflows streamline processes and ensured that tickets were assigned to the appropriate team members based on their expertise.

How UVdesk is helping Non-Profit Organizations?

The implementation of the LEF Helpdesk brought significant improvements to LEF Newcomers’ client support operations. The UVdesk ticket management system allowed LEF Newcomers to handle inquiries more efficiently.

LEF staff members can now receive, track, and follow up tickets, ensuring that urgent inquiries received prompt attention. Response times improved, leading to enhanced user satisfaction.


Improved communication and tracking

UVdesk’s multichannel integration consolidated client interactions, enabling staff members to have a unified view of communication history. This facilitated better tracking, reduced information gaps, and enabled more informed and personalized responses to new members’ inquiries.

Enhanced knowledge management

The centralized knowledge base empowered staff members to access accurate and up-to-date information easily. This resulted in consistent responses to immigrant inquiries and reduced reliance on external resources.

Staff members could quickly find the information they needed, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in addressing incoming inquiries.

The self-service knowledgebase portal provided settlers with a convenient way to find answers to common questions and access resources independently.

This reduced the workload on team members and empowered users to find information at their convenience, enhancing the overall support experience.

Enhanced collaboration with multiple support agents

UVdesk’s collaboration features improved internal communication and teamwork among staff members. They could share insights, collaborate on complex inquiries, and provide support to one another, resulting in faster and more effective resolutions for clients.

Helpdesk Reporting and analytics

UVdesk offered reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing LEF Newcomers staff to gain valuable insights into their immigrant support operations.

They could track key metrics such as response times, ticket volumes, and user satisfaction, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.


By implementing UVdesk as their helpdesk software solution, LEF Newcomers significantly enhanced their support operations. The ticket management system, multichannel integration, knowledge base, and collaboration features streamlined their processes, improved communication, and increased efficiency.

The organization was able to provide timely and accurate support to its new members of the Canadian community, resulting in a better overall experience.

Additionally, the self-service portal empowered new settlers to find answers independently, reducing the workload on staff members. LEF Newcomers could leverage UVdesk’s reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor performance and make informed decisions to further improve their support assistance.

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