Kiges—Implementation of UVdesk on Russian News Website to Enhance User Support


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Kiges—Implementation of UVdesk on Russian News Website to Enhance User Support, a Russian-based website portal, is committed to providing an extensive range of services to its users. It offers news reports, a secure search engine, messaging capabilities, and a community Q&A forum, resulting in a comprehensive online experience.

To deliver timely and accurate information, aggregates news articles from diverse sources, including Russian state-owned media outlets, ensuring access to up-to-date global news. However, Kiges goes beyond news reporting by offering a variety of valuable tools and resources on its subdomain websites.

Users can analyze social media and websites, provide hotel feedback, explore food recipes, utilize a plagiarism checker, and even book flight tickets through the portal.

Launched in 2020, Kiges has maintained its popularity in Russia and remains a trusted source for reliable news updates and diverse services.

Kiges Help Portal

To enhance the user experience further, Kiges created the Kiges Help, a dedicated support portal built using the UVdesk platform. This support portal plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive customer support and assistance to users.

With a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, Kiges Help offers a knowledge base and frequently asked questions (FAQ) section covering various topics.

Such as finding information for advertisements, common issues like profile login, block, content moderation, search services, user agreements, basic guidelines for answers, comments, and other matters. This resource equips Kiges’ users with step-by-step guides and solutions to address common concerns efficiently.

Ticket System

Kiges Help also enables users to seek personalized assistance through its ticket system, facilitating direct communication with the support team. This ensures prompt and tailored support for users’ specific issues or inquiries.

Contact Us Form

Additionally, the Kiges portal uses the ticket system as a feedback form to gather new ideas, comments, and suggestions from the users. It is also useful for receiving any complaints made regarding any news content copyright violation.

By leveraging the rich features of UVdesk opensource, made an informed decision to build the support portal on the UVdesk open-source helpdesk software platform. UVdesk offers a comprehensive ticketing system, knowledge base management, email integration, workflow automation, and customer communication channels.

Helpdesk System for Multiple Languages

The multilingual feature of the UVdesk proves invaluable for catering to users from different countries, displaying helpdesk content in their respective local languages.

In the case of Kiges Help, this functionality enables the platform to seamlessly present its entire content in Russian, offering a user-friendly experience for its Russian-speaking audience.

With UVdesk’s multilingual capabilities, Kiges Help ensures that users can access support resources, guides, and solutions in their local language, enhancing their understanding and interaction with the support portal.

Customizable Helpdesk Solution

By utilizing UVdesk, provides reliable and efficient support services, ensuring prompt assistance and issue resolution for its users. The flexibility for customization and integration offered by UVdesk allows to tailor the support portal to meet specific needs while seamlessly integrating it into existing workflows and systems.

Kiges’ dedication to exceptional customer service is reflected in the provision of the Kiges Help support portal. By fostering trust, engaging with its user base, and showcasing a commitment to excellence, aims to deliver a smooth and satisfactory user experience.


In summary, offers a wide range of services, including news reports and valuable tools, to cater to user needs. The implementation of the UVdesk-powered Kiges Help support portal enhances the user experience, providing comprehensive customer support and assistance.

Kiges Help provides a user-friendly interface and direct communication channels so that users can access knowledge resources and seek personalized assistance via tickets. By leveraging UVdesk’s capabilities, Kiges ensures reliable and efficient support services, thus showcasing its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

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