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House of Markus Fellowship Powered by UVdesk Open Source






House of Markus Fellowship Powered by UVdesk Open Source

House of Markus Fellowship is a private unincorporated member organization comprised of men and women that seek the truth for the evolution of mankind.

Their members are peaceful people using knowledge and the power of love to create new communities with holistic systems to the benefit of all rather than a few.

They serve those who have awakened to the reality that they are in fact the children of God, the true creditors of our nations, and the source from which law emanates.

The members of the House of Markus Fellowship embody knowledge, wisdom, benevolence, and honorable self-governance.

Truth stands at the base of everything they do in the membership.

They treat their neighbor the way in which they wish to be treated and they love God with all their heart, mind, and soul.

From these basic principles, their membership takes on the ministry of building new holistic self-supporting societies.

House of Markus Fellowship’s (HoMF) proprietary enlightened educational courses are designed to provide members with a simplistic understanding and application of law in both divine and secular substance and form.

Membership in (HoMF)

Privacy is an important key to staying outside government jurisdiction which has authority over all things “public”.

All members of HoMF are law-abiding people that have agreed to fulfill the law and not destroy it.

HoMF offers a community forum, education on how to operate privately, private organization information, formation, and education

How to live our lives more holistically by staying out of fear and doubt which in our opinion is otherwise known as faith.

Why did HoMF choose the UVdesk helpdesk?

Why? It’s all about trust. UVdesk provides delightful support to the students and supports staff queries which help to grow faster and provide better solutions within a single roof.

UVdesk helpdesk provides better support to the House of Markus fellowship in the below-mentioned manner which is listed:

Efficient Support:

UVdesk provides streamline support to HoMF to deal with various stakeholders, including students, parents, faculty, and staff.

UVdesk provides a centralized platform for addressing their queries, concerns, and technical issues efficiently. It streamlines the support process, ensuring that requests are track, assign, and resolve promptly.

Student Assistance:

UVdesk enables students to seek assistance related to course enrollment, scheduling, academic advising, and other administrative matters.

It also provides technical support for online learning platforms, student portals, and other digital tools used in education.

Then the UVdesk staff can guide students through any difficulties they encounter, ensuring a smoother learning experience.

Faculty and Staff Support:

Educational institutes rely on the expertise and efforts of their faculty and staff members. It ensures that faculty and staff can focus on their primary responsibilities by providing them with timely technical support with the help of UVdesk helpdesk ticketing tool.

IT Infrastructure Management:

UVdesk plays a crucial role in managing and maintaining this infrastructure, monitoring for any technical issues, and promptly addressing them to minimize disruptions to teaching and learning activities.

Knowledge Base and Self-Service: Helpdesks often include a knowledge base that contains articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides. This self-service aspect reduces the burden on the helpdesk staff and enables users to resolve common issues quickly.

How UVdesk level up the support provided by HoMF?

The House of Markus Fellowship provides better support to the raised queries via UVdesk ticketing support center.

It allows the support staff and students to clear all their doubts by simply clicking on the contact us button as shown below:

However, UVdesk offers an Open Source helpdesk solution to easier the overall support process to deliver the best customer service and the House of Markus Fellowship has made it easy with the UVdesk ticketing system.

Also, it provides a self-service portal to all the students and guest users to provide them with all related information related to the House of Markus Fellowship as shown below:

How do Guest users submit queries from HoMF portal?

After that when the guest user visits the House of Markus Fellowship helpdesk portal, then they will get the contact us button which let them generate a ticket on the queries which is having in their mind, the way House of Markus Fellowship portal helps their guest users to raise their queries.

Then as a customer, once you have submit any ticket from the portal, then an acknowledgment email will receive at the user’s end from where the user can able to view the ticket by just simply accessing their portal.

How to access the customer portal of HoMF helpdesk?

In order to register as a customer the users just need to click on the sign-in button.

Then it will redirect to a new screen from where the user can able to access their separate portal as a customer.


In this case study we have checked how UVdesk is helpful to the institutional and educational sector.

The House of Markus Fellowship makes it easy to provide better support to their students and support staff and it is possible via the UVdesk helpdesk ticketing system.

Also, it contains informative articles which reflect on the knowledgebase and use to deliver the self-service portal to the users.

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