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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: FIRB's Customer Support Journey with UVdesk Helpdesk






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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: FIRB's Customer Support Journey with UVdesk Helpdesk

The Fiscal Incentives Review Board (FIRB) is an interagency government body in the Philippines that is responsible for reviewing and approving applications for tax incentives.

FIRB was created by Executive Order No. 93 in 1987, it is composed of representatives from the Department of Finance, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Budget and Management, the National Economic, Development Authority, and the Office of the President.

The FIRB can grant tax incentives to both domestic as well as foreign companies. It plays an important role in the Philippine economy by promoting investment as well as economic growth.

The tax incentives that the FIRB grants can help businesses to reduce their costs and become more competitive. This can lead to increased investment, job creation, economic growth.

The Fiscal Incentive Review Board (FIRB) is a governmental body responsible for evaluating and administering fiscal incentive programs aimed at promoting economic growth and investment.

With a complex system of incentives and a diverse range of stakeholders, FIRB faced numerous challenges in managing customer inquiries as well as support requests.

As a critical organization, FIRB receives a significant volume of inquiries, complaints, and requests from various stakeholders, including financial institutions, consumers, and the general public.

This case study explores how FIRB leveraged UVdesk Helpdesk to transform their customer support processes and achieve its goals.

FIRB Helpdesk Portal

The Fiscal Incentives Review Board (FIRB) helpdesk portal is a web-based platform that allows users to submit and track their applications for tax incentives.

The portal is powered by UVdesk, a cloud-based customer support software.

The FIRB helpdesk portal offers a number of features that can help users to submit and track their applications for tax incentives more easily.

Submit a Ticket

Users can access the FIRB Helpdesk Portal by visiting the designated website or through a link provided by FIRB on their official communication channels.

The user can able to generate tickets in order to inquire about the below terms: Data change, Email, User account, and internet access, FIRB web posting, FIRM inquiries, NTRC web posting, request for information system services, software installation, and technical support.

Access FIRB Portal from Helpdesk

If the user is registered with FIRM, then they can directly access their FIRM portal by clicking Login to FIRMS option because it is linked to the helpdesk portal of FIRB and then it will redirect the user to the required FIRM portal.

FIRB Knowledgebase

To cater to the diverse needs of businesses, investors, and the general public, FIRB implemented a robust Knowledgebase as part of its customer support infrastructure.

Therefore, the knowledgebase portal is a valuable resource for users of the FIRB helpdesk portal.

As a result, it can help users to understand the tax incentive application process and to complete the required forms correctly as it has provided the information via articles that include: PC troubleshooting, and more about FIRM.

Customer Login

To provide a seamless and tailored experience, FIRB has implemented a customer login feature in its Helpdesk Portal.

This functionality allows stakeholders, including businesses, investors, and the general public, to access personalized support, track their inquiries, and collaborate with support agents effectively.

Once the customer is sign in into the helpdesk portal, then they are authorize to track their raised ticket history and new generation of the ticket from the portal.

Wrapping Up

UVdesk Helpdesk’s comprehensive features and capabilities have enabled FIRB to streamline processes, automate workflows, and provide personalized support to its stakeholders, making it a valuable asset for the organization’s customer support ecosystem.

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