Top 5 Most Popular Shopify Customer Support Apps

Updated 16 February 2022

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Shopify Apps, After establishing an eCommerce store, the very first thing a store owner looks at in the app section is a customer support tool to revert back customer inquiries faster and use to boost your overall revenue.

When it comes to serving a better customer support experience in less time, there are many things to take into consideration. One of the most important parts of the puzzle is which customer support application to make the support process easier.

There are 80+ Shopify Helpdesk apps are available on the Shopify marketplace and deliver instant seamless support through the Shopify store.

Are confused about which application should I choose?

Don’t worry!! If you’re looking for higher quality customer support application that resolves customer inquiry quickly, just look out at the few most popular widely used apps that might help to get engage more potential customers.


Whether for small or enterprise businesses, you might want to include powerful automated operations, systemized reports, or 3rd party integration in the helpdesk system.

If so, the rest mentioned below apps is not the only way to go. Indeed, a helpdesk software named UVdesk is like a traditional support system specially designed for Shopify stores, offering you outstanding features along with omnichannel support plus a great system to approach your customer from multiple Shopify stores.

UVdesk provides more personalized automated support for the internal and external process and integration with 50+ apps: when a customer inquires about the process then UVdesk sends an automated notification email to both customer and agents with ticket links and email messages.

500+ Shopify companies have registered with UVdesk and on the website, one can visit the success story of their Shopify clients which shows customer love and support experience towards UVdesk helpdesk ticket system.

After the 30 days free trial period, you can purchase the standard enterprise plan for $36/month for two agents.

Get the Application form here – UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk

Read the full Review – Official Website

Cost – $18/month (30-day free trial)


Zendesk is a top-rated customer support application that is widely used by the largest company. It is on everyone’s lips nowadays, you can solve customer service tickets faster by having access to relevant customer data.

It allows customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel: this helps to enhance better customer experience and save time by automating overall internal business flow.

To use this app subscribers need to take a subscription to the Zendesk Support Team Plan or above. However, it is too complex and tricky to start for small and medium-sized businesses.

Get the Application form here – Zendesk App

Read the full Review – Official Website

Cost – $19/month (30-day free trial)

Re: amazere:amaze shopify app

Zendesk has been around for decades, but Re: amaze is new. Re: amaze, provides a powerful dashboard for customer support, sales, and marketing, is not the ticket-based type of tool that does everything you can think of and a lot of things you don’t want, either.

Reamaze has a multichannel configuration like Zendesk and offers deep integration with other applications that make the life of customers and customer service agents easier.

Certainly, is a live chat-oriented software developed for SMBs and enterprises, making it available in real-time.

Get Application form here – Re: amaze App

Read the full Review – Official Website

Cost – $20/month (14-day free trial)

Customer GuruCustomer Guru shopify app

Customer Guru, differ from other app and is fit smaller companies wanting to build their customer service around customer feedback survey tool.

This app is working excellent with Shopify POS and is useful for eCommerce stores. It allows you to embed reviews and ratings on your website and can enhance the overall customer support experience.

It also allows integration with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords functionality. And also includes a free trial to explore the feature.

Get the Application form here – Customer Guru App

Read the full Review – Official Website

Cost – Free (survey up-to 5 users/month)


You might have known this before, one with a Shopify store gets powerful integration. With Shopify and Shopify Plus like ReCharge, Shipstation, Messenger, Aircall, LoyaltyLion, etc.

Gorgias recently rolled out as a Shopify helpdesk is a new piece of customer support. User-friendly customer support software, reduce ticket first response time, available for both small and large businesses.

Gorgias makes it easy to see order details for a customer on the ticket portal with an efficient tool. However, very expensive especially for newer businesses and startups.

Get the Application form here – Gorgias App

Read the full Review – Official Website

Cost – $30/month (7-day free trial)


Now, I hope at the end of this article Shopify merchants got a great list of the customer support app. They should choose and may use various customer retention apps in order to boost their overall revenue.

If you are running small and medium-sized businesses and wish to grab a standard enterprise helpdesk at a cheaper price then I would recommend you to go with UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk that makes your support system more powerful and engaging.


Do let us know if you have further inquiries, you can email us support@uvdesk.com or can raise a ticket by using this link.


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