Connect UVdesk Helpdesk Ticketing System + Odoo CRM

Updated 8 February 2022

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Introduction – Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM(Customer Relationship Management)/ERP is an intuitive module built on the Odoo Platform. Also, it is a powerful enterprise system that allows you to manage complete sales leads and opportunities in one place.

Companies of all sizes & different industries adopt CRM solutions to make sales, look for leads and close them. Additionally, almost every Enterprise is getting profit from this software.

Why UVdesk Odoo CRM Integration?

This application integrates UVdesk helpdesk and Odoo CRM to optimize the customer relationship management process. Here is some advantage of using this application –

  • Reduce manual steps and duplicate agent efforts.
  • Get the history of onboarding clients.
  • Organize the lead/Opportunity in just a few clicks.
  • Gathering all information in one place helps to solve customer queries timely and inefficient manner.
  • Pull contextual customer data, to close the leads.
  • Both Sales and Support teams can work together and provide an incredible customer experience.

Key Features –

Drafted out key features of UVdesk helpdesk Odoo CRM integration below – 

  • Attach leads/Opportunities/Pipeline from the ticketing panel.
  • Create a new lead from the UVdesk ticketing system.
  • The support agent/sales team can put a pipeline title, description, and expected revenue.
  • The support agent can view an internal note with a pipeline link over the ticket.
  • Also, the support agent can check multiple leads over the ticket if any.
  • The sales agent can view and edit the leads to add more information from CRM.
  • The sales agent can access the associated support ticket and view the ticket id on the CRM panel.

How UVdesk Odoo CRM Works?

UVdesk Odoo CRM integration enables support agents to create a lead from the UVdesk panel. The lead will auto-generate on Odoo CRM. The support agent can add a pipeline title, description, and expected revenue while creating a lead.

This integration saves support agents time and speeds up the customer support process. However, the support agent can redirect to the pipeline by clicking on the pipeline id linked to the ticket note.

Similarly, the sales agent can view the ticket id and access the ticket from CRM itself. There is no need to go CRM Panel to create a new lead. Additionally, the support agent can view a list of existing pipelines, if any.

Steps to create a new lead/opportunity from the UVdesk ticketing system – 

1 – Click on the “+” icon first.

UVdesk CRM integration 1

2 – Now, click on create a pipeline.

UVdesk odoo crm integration 2

3 – Enter the required details like Pipeline title, description, and revenue.

Odoo CRM Integration 3

4 – A note will be added with lead id.

UVdesk Odoo CRM integration 5

5 – Click on the green icon to check multiple pipelines.

uvdesk odoo crm integration 5

6 – Finally, a pipeline has been created successfully with the ticket link.

UVdesk CRM integration

That’s all about UVdesk Odoo CRM integration, if you have a further query or any kind of doubt. Feel free to email us at support@uvdesk.com

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