Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Updated 22 September 2021

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About CRM

What is CRM? CRM stands for customer relationship management, by which sale executive can easily manage the customer relationship and analyze & automate the whole activity.

It’s main aim to design is that to build more customer while managing the company interaction with the current and potential customer.

CRM is basically a decision-making tool which allows the salesman to take the important decision related to their business like How to manage leads, How to contact on right time, How to set the record in an organized way, How to make a strategy in a right manner.

How CRM helpful to retain customer

Now in this sophisticated technology, We are entertaining those knowledgeable customers who overview all the ratings and reviews of the product and service before purchasing any order.

By having the complete information, behavior & interest of the customer, a sales executive can serve to them in the same direction and at the right time before they will reach out.

Many companies executing the CRM software because it saves times and build a relationship more effectively or provide the best customer support and drives sales in the right way.

CRM is vital for your business, by which you can remove agent’s manual data entry task and automates this type of repetetive task and build a standard sales process which helps to save their time and increase the employee productivity.

Why business must have CRM system

This is a simple method which admitted by all the companies that are when you have a customer so there always was a system to manage the interaction or communication and relationship with them.

We very well know that Multiple businesses having numerous strategy to build the stability in the same marketplace but the point is that How to find right customer from the crowd, How to reach when they needed, How to offer best customer service.

CRM ticking all the checkboxes which help to improve customer interaction and relationship that will achieve satisfying customer experience and turn to the happy customer.

In which stage when you should use a CRM

At the time when your business is growing and you are making a mistake while managing the leads and start forgetting about the customer information & unable to do the quick response to your customer.

I think this is the right time to consider using a CRM, As soon as before losing your important customer and leads, therefore without using a CRM software that’s difficult to manage all the activity, relations, time, leads and focus on your loyal customer at the right time.

Well, Nowadays variety of CRM available, some of cheap and some of expensive. Try to choose those CRM which help to get more leads and to collect the complete journey of the customer from the beginning of joining and make your business faster & effective.

What’s more? Explore more features about CRM

There is no limitation when we start discussing the CRM feature and benefits, Here I am drafting some of them.

Documenting your activity – Do you have any data when customer schedule a follow up? Can you add a note on a particular query? How can manage multiple customer queries at the same time? that’s hard to documenting all the activity but If we can use CRM in a correct way that can help to work more effectively.

Track your lead and business as well –  Sales rep oftenly lacks to track the customer behavior or business activity and start making losing them but CRM helps in knowing customer behavior like – Interest of customer, what they want, who they are and much more that will make loyal and friendly customer.

Organized record – To provide the right time follow up and support you just need to have a systematic record on your fingertips, because you can’t forecast the speed of customer engagement which will help to interact more people in a short amount of time.

Increase data accuracy – When an administrator wants to know about the ratio of business profit & loss then what you should do? How can you measure such things? CRM help keep the data accurate and manage in an associated manner.

Find out exact customer – Once you begin to understand the customer based on their emotions, their data, follow up, records etc, can definately become their loyal and potential customer.

Customizable – The CRM software can be customized to fit the business need and business scenario. It allows adding leads data, contact and opportunities in order to get more additional information.

Explore PHP based open source Laravel CRM

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