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Updated 21 November 2019

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eBay provides multiple types of API requests, So for the maintainability and higher quality of service, eBay applies call limit to the API requests.

Here is the list of some of the different API serve by eBay

– Sell (Trading API)

– Search (Finding API)

– Buy (Merchandising API, Shopping API)

– Users (Feedback API)

For Trading/Buy/Finding API eBay allows up to 5K requests/day for an eBay developer account which is a default API rate limits.

Why need to Increase the eBay API Call rate limit?

Suppose, you have 12,000+ items and you’ve needed to spread it across 3 days using Trading API etc. , but the application requests a higher call amount.

Now, your application might be throwing this type of error

  • error 518: Your application has exceeded the usage limit on this call, […]
  • error 18000: You have exceeded your daily request limit, therefore you will be unable to make additional requests for the remainder of the day.

How to Increase the eBay API call rate limit?

–  Login to the eBay developer account click here: eBay Developer Account.

–  Once you have logged in, the developer account gets you to access both the sandbox and production environment.

  – Now, you can Track the daily Call limit manually by Just click on “API Reports” under either production or sandbox API sections.

Call Limit Report

  – You’ll have to submit your app for compatibility check by eBay.

Apply for a Compatible Application Check


Application Check Form

Note: Before filling the compatible app check form, Read eBay guidelines.

  • Check out your premium support status should be shown as activated.
  • Now you are authorized to get the Application check form under the “App Check” button as shown below.


Application check form

  • Once you have passed the Application Check Forms, eBay Support Team will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Make sure to include in your application check why you need higher limits based on use now or in the future. If you don’t ask they might not give them, Default now seems to be 1.5 Million calls as soon as your app passes Compatibility check.

Try out UVDesk Helpdesk integration with our eBay Connector  for a better understanding of the eBay API call limit.

Hopefully, this guide helped you to get the more successfully exceed API call limit to work with our application.

That’s all, please share your views here or drop your query at support@uvdesk.com.

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