Help Desk Comparison : Free Open Source vs SaaS

Open Source and SaaS (“Software as a Service or cloud computing”) based helpdesk, both are in a shining stage. Everyone enjoys the approach of open source available for anyone to use and customize to fill their own need.

It is an innovative solution and recently emerged across to all developer community to be a free help desk software for small and SME businesses. Open source is cheaper or free when you begin with at least.

Open source vs SaaS - UVdesk

Fixing up Software as a Service(SaaS) based helpdesk is far simpler than open source even eliminates major challenges associated with the open source such as regular maintenance, customization, bug fixing but that would be paid.

In terms of ease of deployment & quality, SaaS is great approach rather than opensource. But If we talk about customization, SaaS is not a great choice, deep customization only possible with open source.

Open source vs SaaS - UVdesk Open Source

Overall, In order to provide excellent customer support, both types of options must be needed to deploy on achieving the different business objective.

We understand this better much way both of platforms have unique factors, therefore, we have addressed both platform Saas and Open source in a UVdesk to give traders the best of both worlds to help better customer support in the lowest costs.

Integration and customization open source vs SaaS

Most of the infrastructure stuff is getting SaaS subscription-based model that might be less customizable but easier to use for new or non-technical merchants, no extra effort required from the user.

Open Source vs SaaS helpdesk - Modules

SaaS one is more attractive and user-friendly for the startup merchants who don’t have any idea about the product development and wish to adopt prebuilt application.

Well, Our UVdesk SaaS-based helpdesk is quite mature and we got a lot of constructive feedback as well from our merchants and they are so happy with our services, Let’s take a look over customer reviews

Open source vs SaaS - Reviews

But In SaaS, there are some challenges too. You can’t test it on your own premises but that’s possible in open source this is the biggest reason to use open source where you can simply expand, upgrade and maintain your product as well.

Everything depends upon the requirements and your business needs.”

As we have released Open Source Helpdesk – UVdesk which is built on top of Symfony/PHP framework that allows you any amount of customization and integration means it is endless to customize.

Open Source vs SaaS - Customization

In addition, Symfony & PHP both have huge community support & both are most popular among the developers and easy to hire a developer can do customization for you or you can do it yourself. You have full access to change the code.

Initial Costs Open source vs SaaS

If you are working with SaaS solution then you don’t need to manage your hosting, maintain security or fix complex software bugs but with costs upfront, ordinarily in a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

The most common fact is that maximum SaaS-based helpdesk charge per agent which is pretty high and aparts from that they also take care of customization and maintenance, which is an extra cost.

Open source vs SaaS help desk- Pricing

Opensource software source codes are freely available to download and you have the freedom to customize, update and inspect it anytime. You are the single person who manages the whole system as per your premises from hosting to development.

Since you’ll have full access to the underlying code, you can control almost every aspect of the helpdesk to do things that aren’t possible on a SaaS solution.

Ease of deployment Open source vs SaaS

SaaS is quick & easy to deploy where open source needs some degree of technical skills to be installed that’s the biggest challenges. Nothing to download or install in SaaS, all you have to do with sign up, pay the subscription, and account verification, that’s it.

Open source vs SaaS help desk - Easy to set up

But in open source is completely different you need to download or install the project and modify the source code for any purpose.

UVdesk Opensource is PHP-based helpdesk built using reliable Symfony PHP framework and written in most popular language PHP+MYSQL which is highly secured, robust and customizable to be fit for any trade.

Now, that’s up to you and your business requirement whether you decide to go down with open source or SaaS solution, You can choose one of them both solution uplift your support or revenue as well.

If you have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know concern at support@uvdesk.com or refer the link.

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