What is fulfillment by Amazon?

Updated 17 August 2021

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Fulfillment By Amazon

FBA is a plan given by Amazon to make the selling easy for their sellers subscribing which seller can smartly manage their business from any corner of the world.

Amazon has built a very strong fulfillment network in this fast growing world which help you in expanding your business globally.

With FBA, you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and let the Amazon pick, pack, ship, and provide great customer service for your products.

Which helps you in expanding your business to reach out the more customers from one corner to another.


Even it allows you to fulfill the order coming from other sales channels using your stored stock in Amazon fulfillment center with MultiChannel Fulfillment.

You manage your stock using online user interface and can regulate Amazon to return your stock to your Amazon fulfillment center at any moment.

Amazon charges as per the space occupied by your stock stored in Amazon Fulfillment Center and based on your product size, weight and etc.

If you are using FBA then you might get the chance to win BUY BOX which can be highly profitable for your business.

What is buy box?

When you search for any item on Amazon there would be a box to the right of the product as drafted in black here:


The purpose of Amazon to give buy box is to make the shopping experience easy for their shoppers and when Amazon shows any product on the buy box it builds a trust in shoppers that they are buying from a trusted marketplace seller.

Because 30% of shoppers always prefer the product posted on top and they don’t compare with other sellers so it could be a very great deal for your business. It will increase your sale.

Now a question arises as a seller how can you get this buy box?

As there is no assured way to get buy box because Amazon selects this randomly based on their own strategy but yes few points are there which you can’t ignore which are drafted below like:

1 – By keeping a fair pricing of your product after comparing it with your competitors.

2 – By offering Prime and Free Shipping.

3 – By providing great customer service which is possible with the quality product.

4 – And by keeping enough stock available in your store.

Benefits of Fulfillment By Amazon

1 – Your customer will be eligible for Amazon’s committed customer support and return.

2 – This will help you in developing and uplifting your business fast.

3 – You can fulfill orders from other sales channels using your inventory stored in Amazon Fulfillment Center.

4 – You manage your stock using online user interface and can regulate Amazon to return your stock to your Amazon fulfillment center at any moment.

5 – Promotion – Amazon used to promote the product which is in FBA. It helps you in increasing the sale.

6 – Shipping Charges – In FBA the shipping charges of the low weight product will be very normal.


7 – Packaging – If you have some sensitive product you can put that in FBA Amazon will do care of your product and will deliver in a very good packaging to your customer which will save your money.

8 – It can be beneficial for you if you send the product to FBA center in the bulk it will reduce transportation cost.

9 – Amazon returns full amount in case of damage in the Fulfillment Centre.

10 – Now as a seller you are not bound to stick to your workplace you can lead a free life with FBA.

11 – Amazon gives money to their sellers on weekly basic now you don’t need to wait for long to get your income.

How can you grow your business with FBA?

FBA plan includes Headline Search Ads to attract the shoppers.

You will get an improved FBA inventory management page to get product images, customizable views, furthermore feature.

Amazon Global Selling can help you to reach numbers of customers.

You can lower your FBA fees with smart packaging which will reduce your transportation charge plus packaging cost which will definitely help you in developing your business.

Drawbacks of FBA

Bulk Buy: It could be cost effective when you are having financial stability and would be hard to manage if you have just started or in the initial stage.

Returning Situation: If your product got damaged in case of the return you will get only 50- 60% of your product’s price based on the current market rate of that product so it could be a loss for you.

COD (Cash on delivery): It increases the chance of return which adds the one side shipment charges so it gives you an extra burden.

There is no guarantee that if you have added your product on FBA so it will be sale out it might possible you won’t get that product sold on Amazon and you might have to sell that product on some other channel.  the storage fees will be there no matter your product is getting sold or not.

Storage fees will be there no matter your product is getting sold or not.

Transportation charges to send your product to Amazon Fulfillment Centre can be an additional expense for you.

How to overcome the drawbacks:

You can sell the products on other channels also for generating more profit.

Always fluctuate the pricing of your product which will help you in selling your product at good pricing.

Always keep smart pricing so that damage, storage, transportation and shipment cost could be fulfilled.

Always send your product to the FBA center in bulk which will reduce your transportation cost.

What is the need of helpdesk system with Amazon FBA?


FBA plan includes pick, pack, ship, and provide great customer service for all your FBA product. I don’t think that seller will select all their store’s product for FBA.

Seller has to do something for managing their customer’s inquiries coming from different channels like social media channels, support email addresses, e-commerce channels, and marketplaces at one place. So that you can provide them required help in an expert way at the right time.

For any kind of online store, this could be very profitable for your business if you could provide instant response to your customer’s query because quick assistance will thurst your customers to clear their other doubts which will help you in establishing a good connection with them.

Proper communication will help you in understanding your customer’s requirement then you can suggest a plausible solution to your customer which will be helpful for you and your customer as well.

This all you can get from UVdesk only which converts all your customer’s queries into the ticket and ensures that you will never miss out any lead. And we all know every lead is important.

There must be a panel using which your customer can get in touch with your support staff for getting their inquiry solved. And as an admin, you can manage all your customer’s inquiry using utility tools, integrations, and configurations with the UVdesk’s apps.

With the help of workflowprepared responsessaved repliesrelated articlesknowledgebaseemail template you can provide quick assistance which will reduce your response rate.

Less response rate with efficient assistance will help you in getting positive reviews and high ratings being a seller on Amazon you must be aware of the benefits of reviews and ratings.

Importance of real-time order validation system

It’s not hidden that nowadays sellers are selling on multiple platforms. As a result, it becomes very difficult for them to recognize a genuine customer coming from respective channel.

Order fetch module of UVdesk for Amazon which allows you to get the information of the product, that the customer has purchased from your store using just order ID in the respective channel, thus making the task of your support staff easy.

Order fetch


Amazon Seller Central Messaging

Now you can easily manage customers’ inquiries from your Amazon Seller Accounts by the help of Amazon Seller central Messaging App.

This app will convert the messages of the customers into the Tickets at UVdesk and you or your support staff can reply to the customer’s queries directly from the UVdesk.

You can see the reply made by the customer and the support staff in one place and it will make the response time fast and management would be easy.

This app provides various Amazon Sellers an ability to interact with their customers directly through the existing help desk system.

In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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