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Updated 16 December 2021

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UVdesk is an entirely new notion of connecting with the number of channels and with customer support system.

Now you can focus on the channel with full zeal to make it ultimate for the customer support Uvdesk is adequate to deal.

Before UVdesk it was very hard to connect channel with customer support system.Lots of manual work and work force contributed in trouble shooting the problem which did not ensure accurate result and thus UVdesk unveiled its amazing concepts

Support System Before UVdesk

Support System Before UVdesk

UVdesk is quite enough to solve it with the number of integration and automatic workflow which will lead your channel towards betterment and will save incalculable time.

We are (UVdesk Team) always here to make your support staff system ultimate, you only concentrate on your channel.

Support Staff System After UVdesk

Support Staff System After UVdesk

UVdesk is the best for small and medium business. No no no …..! It doesn’t mean that Uvdesk is not good for large scale business,
Like water takes the shape of the container in which it is placed, similarly, UVdesk will modify the Customer support system according to the shape/size of the business…..

Yeah, we are always here to serve/support/assist you in your desired way to provide ultimate customer support system for your business.

We have experience of seven years in the e-commerce field. At that time we are facing the problems in terms to manage our customers and were unable to provide them desired support so for our customers, we came with the new notion of e-commerce and marketplace help desk system to manage and support customers that too in their expected manner.

Before UVdesk it was too much expensive to afford $200/ agent/month for customer support. After this much of expenses, customers were not getting support. Support staff or agent wasn’t that much of capacity to manage the number of clients because they too were human, not the machine.

So if UVdesk is here then there is a reason we want to support the small and medium scale of business by providing the affordable e-commerce and marketplace help desk system with the number of features and integrations to make you free from worries related to the customer support with the decent charge $11/per agent /month.

“Our hardship is prosperity for you.”

Marketplace Help-desk

Marketplace Help-desk

UVdesk is ample here to bear all your part to support your customers in their desired manner and you may concentrate on your business only.
There are numbers of channels, Apps, integrations and features which will make your support system unique.

Name of some is here as follows for Marketplace:

Not limited to that even if you are running your own marketplace Example

Still the uvdesk is by far the best suited integration for custom ecommerce marketplace


Above all integration will allow you to fetch order related details from your respected store like: Order Id, Order quantity, Name of payment method, Order date, order price, Order status, Shipping information, Payment information.

Everything at one place means everything on the ticket which will help the owner to validate that who is fake and who is the genuine customer.

If everything will be at one place then it will be quite beneficial for owner/support staff to differentiate between fake and genuine client.It will be less time consuming for the owner and that time can be used on the genuine customer to satisfy their need.

Owner/ support staff do not need to leave ticket page to validate ticket related details.This will be beneficial for the owner/support staff to solve the query in the better manner with all the details.For further support please email us at support@uvdesk.com


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