Double the holiday season sales enabling powerful automation — workflow

Helpdesk is required to streamline the support process for better customer service plus powerful automated workflow helps in prompt resolution of service inquiry with instant response.

In order to increase productivity during the festive season, a complete helpdesk solution is the better choice instead of hiring new support agents.

How to boost up agent’s performance? Using the right eCommerce solution or tool would be the best answer. Now point comes how to utilize the tool or solution.

Go for the right customer support software to maximize the sales up to 200 % by providing prompt support and right time customer follow up in the right way.

UVdesk SaaS-based Helpdesk

UVdesk is available as SaaS-based and Open Source helpdesk solution to streamline the overall support process for better customer service.

Go with one which suits your business requirement to collect, manage, resolve and monitor the support operations all in one place.

UVdesk offers Multichannel CMS Integrations for free so that eCommerce merchant can maximize their sales by closing the leads quickly.

UVdesk provides Complete Shopify Helpdesk and BigCommerce Helpdesk which allows the merchant to get a dedicated helpdesk system in their Store’s admin panel.

Enterprise Level Open Source Helpdesk — UVdesk

PHP-Based Open Source Helpdesk

UVdesk Open Source is PHP-based customer support software built using reliable Symfony PHP framework.

And written in most popular language PHP+MYSQL which is highly secured, robust and customizable to be fit as the complete helpdesk solution for any trade.

This Open Source Customer Support App is way modular to build extensions or integrations so anyone can inspect, modify, build and contribute to this helpdesk.

Powerful Automation Tool — Workflow:

Every business is unique but one thing is common that is customer inquiry or customer support which plays a vital part for the growth and success of any trade.

Executing the same action after a certain set of time for the right routing of customer inquiries isn’t an appropriate solution that’s why every standard helpdesk provides a workflow to automate repetitive actions.

The purpose behind creating automated business rules is that agents don’t need to do repetitive steps manually which surely reduces the workload to focus on other tasks.

Understanding the basics of automated — workflow

Pre-configure department specific rules that automatically sends an e-mail notification, assigns a task to users and update field values when matched with the defined execution criteria.

Actions will occur or applied in the event when an event gets matched with the specific conditions.

Event: Events are the pre-defined functions, the automated action rely upon.

Condition: Condition is the set of rules to define the exact situation for automating the action.

Action: Pre-set action that executes based on event and condition to automate the required operation.

Benefits of using automated workflow:

  • Set automated replies to send the instant acknowledgment and reduce response rate time.
  • Set workflow to auto-assign the ticket to the dedicated support agent, group or team.
  • Set workflow to auto-add ticket noteS to make the ticket more meaningful.
  • Set the workflow to send email notifications to customer, agent, group or team.
  • Pre-set the rules related to the ticket, customer, agent, and task to auto-generate the required action.
  • Get instant updates as per your set-rules regarding any update, modification or change in the ticket, task, and agent related actions.

Contribute to this project for making it more feature rich and bug-free for all, check out the link from here — uvdesk/community-skeleton

For any further query please email us at support@uvdesk.com or raise ticket using this link — Contact Us.

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