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Customer Rating and Information



Using the module, the agent can have all the information about the customer rating and the information. It would help the agent to know the customer’s nature through the reviews and ratings given by another agent who was handling the same customer before.

It will save other agents’ time also as they know who needed the support and to what extent. You can easily identify your authentic customers and can provide them instant support.

What is the need for the Customer Rating and Information module?

Whenever the agents have the ratings for the customer on the ticket, they can analyze the ratings and that can help them to identify the top and valuable customers. The information that is already recorded on the ticket would help to make you understand your customer even better. And in this way, we can have better customer service.

The agents can give the ratings to the customer at any time and can change it also. This will help the other agents also in easily identify all the information of customers over the ticket.


  • The agents can easily view all the information of customers. Whatever the previous agent has put into his information, the other agent can easily view it.
  • The agent’s time is also getting saved instead of searching.
  • Through ratings, they know whom to provide instant support.
  • Having multiple tickets for a single customer, you can send a single rating per customer.
  • The other agent can change the rating of the customer at any time if it doesn’t seem to be appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where the customer information be visible to the agents?

You can easily view all the information on all Tickets related to that customer to all Agents.

Where to find the install button for customer rating and information?

Under the three tabs- Overview, Documentation & Configure. In the “Overview” section, you will see the Install button.

Do we access all the information of the customer at a single time?

Yes, We can access all the recorded information at a single time.

Click here- Installation & Configuration Guide