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Streamlining Customer Support for Romania Food Delivery






Streamlining Customer Support for Romania Food Delivery

For restaurants and pizzerias, TapTasty is a solution that facilitates the effective management of online orders, deliveries, marketing, and loyalty programs.

In addition to providing quality products, TapTasty believes that locals should do their best to improve their customer relationships by diversifying and facilitating order placement, and product delivery, receiving and analyzing feedback, and up to loyalty actions.

Enabling your customers to order food online through your app or website has many advantages.

As a restaurant owner, this is essential as it increases the number of people who see your restaurant. It improves your profit by expanding your target audience.

Customers will appreciate this as it allows them to place orders quickly and easily, whenever they want. They can also be sure that when they place their orders, there will be no misunderstandings.

The TapTasty service can do wonders for your restaurant. The most important thing to remember is that there is no good reason not to set up an online ordering system.

Having your own online restaurant ordering system allows you to engage directly with customers and do so much more.


How UVdesk eased TapTasty Food Delivery in Romania?

TapTasty is one of the leading suppliers of Online food delivery across Romania.

The idea came true in 2017 following a discussion between two friends, an entrepreneur and a cafe owner.

The majority of their difficulties stemmed from monitoring the client’s situation and offering them dependable help in order to instill trust in them.

UVdesk assisted TapTasty in managing all customer inquiries from many channels in one spot, this feature made the TapTasty job more easier and faster.

The TapTasty support agents can able to provide the fastest support through the ticketing system whether it is related to the food delivery app, any customization in the app, or any other support-related queries.

TapTasty, like any business, needs a specialized system to manage client queries and give a self-service information panel where all answers are correctly available.

How Does UVdesk Helpdesk Improve Customer Service at TapTasty?

The number of support requests and consumer queries rose along with the company’s increases.

TapTasty made the decision to use UVdesk Helpdesk in order to efficiently handle and address consumer inquiries.

By offering their clients the greatest service and outstanding assistance and ensuring their satisfaction with our work, UVdesk helps TapTasty’s support operations run more smoothly.

KnowledgeBase of TapTasty:

The company’s growth was accompanied by an increase in the volume of support requests and customer inquiries.

TapTasty decided to choose the UVdesk Helpdesk to effectively manage and respond to customer inquiries.

UVdesk makes Taptasty’s support operations more efficient by giving their clients the best service, and exceptional help.

Below you can check the knowledgebase support center of TapTasty.

Ticket Creation:

When clients are unable to find the answers they need in the knowledgebase, they may easily create a ticket through TapTasty’s helpdesk portal to get in touch with the support team.

Better customer service and more efficient communication between agents and customers are the goals of UVdesk helpdesk systems.

FAQ Articles

All of the FAQs are arranged in the UVdesk helpdesk system in a manner similar to blog post articles.

Dedicated web pages with unique URLs are established for each inquiry.

This has a significant positive impact on search engine optimization and attracts new artists to the TapTasty platform.

Customer portal:

Additionally, UVdesk offers an improved client experience through a dedicated customer site that functions as a single point of contact for your customers to ask questions, get support, or fix problems.

TapTasty created a customer self-service portal by utilizing UVdesk’s knowledge base feature.

The user only has to log in from this page, as indicated below, in order to access the customer portal:

Multilingual Support

The multilingual UVdesk helpdesk software makes sure that people can get help in the language of their choice, which improves the quality of the services provided.

As a result, UVdesk helpdesk software integrates Google Translation AI and supports all foreign languages.

By using the multilingual ticketing system, TapTasty is able to streamline the process of their support center and provide the knowledge base to their customers in the desired language.


In conclusion, it can be stated that all businesses, regardless of size, require a helpdesk system. With UVdesk’s assistance, TapTasty can now centrally handle and process all of its clients’ inquiries.

TapTasty is assisting upcoming musicians and artists in selling their work to a global audience by doing so.

And also able to address their problems and facilitate communication through a specific customer service system.

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