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Shopper360's Journey with UVdesk Helpdesk Shopper360






Shopper360's Journey with UVdesk Helpdesk Shopper360

Shopper360 is the foremost shopper marketing expert group in Malaysia, with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Shopper360 provides the most comprehensive marketing and advertising solutions that integrate your consumers’ journey from digital brand awareness, and retail and in-store media, to events and active engagements.

The Shopper360 is committed to creating the most effective consumer journey through integrated marketing solutions for your brand and target audience.

With over 2,840 hypermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacy chains, and gas stations throughout Malaysia, Shopper360 has grown over the years into a team of experts in digital marketing, field force management, automation, shopper activation, and market intelligence.

UVdesk Solution Implementation

To improve operational efficiency, streamline communication processes, and improve student support services, Shopper360 selected UVdesk Helpdesk, a comprehensive ticketing and customer support platform.

They failed to offer prompt and correct responses, had trouble keeping track of and prioritizing student requests, and lacked a centralized mechanism for efficient ticket administration.

They responded to this by putting in place UVdesk, a feature-rich helpdesk designed to meet their demands for instructional support.

UVdesk was tailored and configured to meet Shopper360’s unique requirements, which greatly increased support effectiveness and raised student happiness.

Shopper360 Helpdesk

UVdesk Helpdesk allowed Shopper360  to efficiently manage and prioritize customer tickets ensuring a prompt and organized response.

The Customers can visit the helpdesk portal of Shopper360 and can raise a ticket about their issues and queries.

Shopper360 Knowledgebase

The Shopper360 Helpdesk Knowledgebase is a vast informational resource and self-help toolkit created to provide users with the skills they need to handle frequent questions and find solutions on their own.

The Knowledge Base includes a wide range of subjects that are important to the Shopper360 community, including:

  • The help guide for BEAM Legacy App.
  • General information on how to submit a ticket to support.
  • Articles on what to do next after being appointed as a Support Agent.

Ticket Creation 

To make it easier for its clients to create tickets, Shopper360 used UVdesk Helpdesk.UVdesk recorded the details and opened a new ticket when a customer submitted any query.

For better organization and prioritizing, agents should classify tickets according to the type of issue, such as:

  • Business intel
  • Customer turnkey project
  • FOS-Sales
  • FOS-Singapore
  • FOS-Retailer
  • General, PRISM, Synergy.

Separate Login for Customers

The customers will have separate login panels via which they can able to access their portal separately and also can able to track their raised tickets.

Shopper 360 created a customer self-service portal by utilizing UVdesk’s knowledge base feature. The provision of readily accessible lessons, troubleshooting tips, and frequently asked questions allowed users to solve problems on their own.


Shopper 360 realized they needed a complete helpdesk system to handle their customer service issues.

They considered a number of options and decided on UVdesk Helpdesk because of its robust features and user-friendliness.

We appreciate you taking the time to read the Shopper 360 case study, and we hope it was worthwhile. Read more UVdesk customer success stories and follow UVdesk on  FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for additional updates.

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