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Supporting Indian Government Education Initiative With the Help of UVdesk Helpdesk Portal






Supporting Indian Government Education Initiative With the Help of UVdesk Helpdesk Portal

Shiksha Setu Axom (Assam) is a complete digital platform with 360-degree information about schools, staff and students. It is launched to serve as a single source of information for day-to-day administrative operations that relate to education.

The government of Assam launched this portal to take timely and data-driven decisions to optimise education sector resources and improve its overall performance.

The Shiksha Setu Axom portal was officially inaugurated during an event program in Guwahati on 24th April 2023, to offer several benefits and features. Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu was present during the launch event, also read the India Today Axom Setu news report. The primary aim of the portal is to collect extensive data regarding schools in the state.

“With the help of this portal, we are looking to take things forward in terms of revamping the education sector,” – Dr. Ranoj Pegu, Education Minister, Government of Assam.

As a digital platform, it ensures that all relevant data is accessible in one place. During the School Profile Update Week, comprehensive information about schools will upload to the portal.

The Education Minister of Assam also urged headmasters and principals from primary and secondary schools to upload the necessary information to the portal.

Digitizing of Education System

The Axom Portal was launched to facilitate the online attendance management of teachers, students, and staff members in government schools of Assam. This allows individuals to log in and mark their attendance in real-time, ensuring accurate attendance records for all school personnel.

With that, by centralizing attendance information from various schools, this portal provides a comprehensive view of faculty attendance across the entire system.

Thereupon, its implementation enables the government to effectively monitor the presence and absence of teachers and staff members in government schools, ensuring the smooth functioning of the education system.

Digital transformation is necessary for all organizations even for the education sector. We saw how the pandemic transformed both the students’ and teachers’ lives, by moving from traditional classrooms to online video classes using learning management systems (LMS).

Moreover, this innovative portal plays a crucial role in maintaining an updated and reliable record of employee attendance, contributing to efficient governance.

Shiksha Setu Axom Portal Helpdesk

Besides the Shiksha Setu Axom portal, the government of Assam also launched the Axomssa helpdesk portal powered by UVdesk to assist everyone who uses the portal.

Undoubtedly as part of the Assam government’s commitment to enhancing the education system, the implementation of a helpdesk portal was essential to efficiently manage queries, concerns, and support requests from students, parents, and educational institutions.

There were a number of reasons why a helpdesk portal is a necessity for the Shiksha Setu Assam portal. First of all, the portal can be complex or difficult to use, particularly for new users who are not familiar with the technology.

That’s why a dedicated helpdesk platform can provide users with assistance in navigating the portal and using its various features.

Secondly, a large number of people utilise the portal, including students, teachers, school officials, district, cluster and block users. This means that there is a high volume of support requests to resolve. The helpdesk can help to ensure that these requests are promptly and efficiently in check.

Third, the helpdesk can collect feedback from users about the portal. This feedback can improve the portal and make it more user-friendly.

Helpdesk Software for Schools and Universities

To address the challenges, Shiksha Setu Assam decided to use the UVdesk open-source helpdesk, leveraging modern technologies and software solutions. The helpdesk portal provides a user-friendly interface and streamline the support process.

Creating tickets

UVdesk portal incorporated a ticketing system, enabling users to submit their queries or support requests in an organized manner. Each ticket has a unique identifier, allowing for efficient tracking and monitoring of progress.

Knowledge Base

A comprehensive knowledge base is available, having frequently asked questions, instructional guides, and relevant resources. This empowered users to find answers to common queries independently, reducing the burden on support staff.

Categorization and Prioritization

Queries and support requests organize category-wise based on their nature, urgency, and target audience. This helped in assigning appropriate resources and ensuring the timely resolution of critical issues.

Automation and Integration

The helpdesk portal integrates with various communication channels, such as email and chat, to automate certain processes. This minimized manual effort and allowed for quick responses to incoming queries.

Analytics and Reporting: The portal generated insightful reports and analytics on ticket volumes, response times, and frequently reported issues. This data facilitated continuous improvement and better resource allocation.


The implementation of a helpdesk portal proved to be a crucial step in improving the support and communication infrastructure of Shiksha Setu Assam. By leveraging technology and streamlining processes, the portal empowered users, optimized resources, and enhanced the overall education experience for students, parents, and educational institutions.

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