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Automate Business Processes with Seamless Customer Support

Poapaball is a Newcastle-based company that specializes in fruity boba for use in cocktails, prosecco, and cold drinks. They have a range of Bursting Bubbles, prosecco sets, bubble gifts and much more!

Popaball was launched three years ago by young entrepreneur Jules Quinn and is booming thanks to growing in and prosecco markets.

Jules Quinn now has two successful firms, TeaShed and Popaball, and she is creating new jobs after moving into a new base.


To boost our sales we need to provide seamless customer support for our service and product through multiple channels like social media, store where we are getting touch with customer daily, UVdesk  gave us a great way to help out our customer in a real-time, all in one place. Now, we are delivering flawless service and solve their matter immediately.

Popaball Entrepreneur Journey

John Lewis shared her business experience in her interview about –

What Is The Business, When Was It Started And What Were You Doing Beforehand?

“Popaball is a ‘pimp your drinks’ company where we create unique drink additions such as ‘shimmers’, which add sparkle and flavor to your drinks, as well as ‘bursting bubbles’ that burst in your mouth with fruit juice upon biting.

Before Popaball launched in 2015, I was focusing on my first business endeavor – The TeaShed, a tea company, selling delicious whole leaf tea in silky pyramid teabags, wrapped up in a range of beautiful gifts.”

“I had always wanted to start my own business. My first ‘business’ experience was selling my unwanted toys to my 2-year-old sister – don’t worry, I gave her a good deal! I have always enjoyed selling and creating something out of nothing.

I had tried a few jobs before I started my business, but working for someone else wasn’t really for me, the same way running your own business isn’t for other people.”

What Are The Main Challenges You See?

“Every week brings new challenges! The main one is to ensure that we remain the market leader and that we are always five steps ahead of everyone else who tries to copy us. We do this through innovating new products and keeping an eye on the market and trends.”

What Advice Would You Give To Early-Stage High Street Retail Businesses?

“Listen to customer feedback and be prepared to change elements of your concept. It is really important to understand who will buy your product, why they will buy it and how much they will pay, among other things!”

How was UVdesk helps Popaball in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom?

Jules Quinn also employed her sister – Taneja, to manage e-commerce side of the business. Taneja is now working as a Popaball’s E-Commerce Director.

Taneja contacted to UVdesk team to get information about UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk for Shopify store. Initially, She worried and had some question about UVdesk that is – “this app is suitable for our store? or not? We think this app could be what we’re looking for but we have been unable to test it properly.

She also shared some requirement with UVdesk which she raised in the ticket – “We were interested in the app, however, we need an app that can be used as an embedded contact form on the website only.”

Then, UVdesk team look her concern sincerely and had given personally demo to her to help out in such raised questions, How UVdesk works based on Popaball needs and how to collect customer inquiries by putting embedded contact form on the website using Formbuilder App. Workflow made it easy to automate the whole business process along with seamless customer support.

After receiving perfect Demo by our support team about UVdesk e-commerce helpdesk along with amazing features, She found and believe that this app will surely suit for her Shopify store in order to provide best customer support.

The App seems like it can do everything and anything required for customer service. We're looking forward to trialing it out! Highly recommended.
E-commerce Director

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