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Making Instant Replies About Real-Time Critical Environment Situations






Making Instant Replies About Real-Time Critical Environment Situations

FiberSense specializes in designing and manufacturing fiber-optic sensing systems for various applications, including structural health monitoring, pipeline monitoring, and geotechnical monitoring. Their sensing systems use distributed fiber-optic sensing technology to provide real-time information about the performance and condition of infrastructure and assets.

FiberSense is a multi-award-winning technology firm that provides relevant and timely insights from object and event detection in noisy situations on a vast scale.

They offer complete strike avoidance for vital infrastructure, resulting in more robust and dependable utilities.

FiberSense, powered by a proprietary hardware and software stack, combines current and future fiber cable networks into an array of sensors, allowing us to provide a real-time digital twin of movements and events taking place around us. These capabilities use to fuel a variety of product platforms, including DigitalAsset and DigitalAsset Marine.

FiberSence Can Sense A Natural Disaster

FiberSense harnesses data from the precise measurement of frequency and strain impacting light pulses traversing fiber optic cable.

Once processed through our proprietary algorithms, these data sets now present diagnostic opportunities way beyond applications that focus on critical infrastructure and related assets protection.

Often the most powerful and destructive events that impact our way of life derive from natural phenomena such as earthquakes. Of course, seismic events themselves can’t yet be prevented.

However, the earliest possible detection of the earthquake and volcanic type activity together with location coordinates. It provides authorities with key information to enact necessary disaster response plans that give communities the best chance to respond effectively.

OpenSource Helpdesk Ticket System

Fibersense needed a dedicated system to manage their client queries. It provides a self-service information panel where all the answers are available properly.

Currently, they are using UVdesk Open Source which works as an all-in-one helpdesk solution to manage the user’s queries.

Firbersense required Helpdesk Ticket System because most of the clients and customers have queries regarding real-time environment information. Having a sensing or monitoring company it’s mandatory to provide details as soon as possible. Using UVdesk they can reply instantly with easy steps to their clients through the ticket system.

UVdesk also provides a knowledge base where you can add FAQs or articles for a better understanding of the website. If you have more other queries, then you can raise a ticket to the company.

FiberSense Support Portal

FiberSense Support Portal is developed using UVdesk Helpdesk Systema web-based open-source helpdesk solution. It provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage support tickets, queries, knowledge base, and various other tools to streamline support operations.

With its extensive list of features, the UVdesk helpdesk platform serves the purpose of an all-in-one customer support software. Strengthening customer service experience and also improving business productivity.

From creating tickets automatically from email inquiries, saved replies, user management, workflows, and much more.

End Note

UVdesk is a powerful helpdesk system that offers a wide range of features to businesses of all sizes. The platform provides a customizable, user-friendly interface that enables teams to manage customer inquiries, support tickets, and feedback efficiently.

FiberSense is not only helping to provide real-time environmental information about the world. But also able to communicate via a dedicated customer support system and resolve their issues.

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