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UVdesk Made it Easy for Bin-Shihon Team to Collaborate and Automate Repetitive Tasks


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UVdesk Made it Easy for Bin-Shihon Team to Collaborate and Automate Repetitive Tasks

UVdesk helps us to manage multiple tasks in an easily manageable. It helps us to improve your growth of the business. Additionally, it provides genuine assist work area arrangement. 

Khaled Masri,

What purpose is Bin-Shihon Group’s business or the organization solving?

The Bin-Shihon Group was established with more than 65 years of history based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We built a business relationship that helps us to grow rapidly and become one of Saudi Arabia’s largest privately-owned enterprises.

We provide a broad and diverse range of products and services through our core business sectors – Real Estate, Households, Batteries & Lubricants, Tires, Construction, Equipment, Industrial Products, and many others.

How is UVdesk helping you in managing customer support?

UVdesk’s helpdesk makes it easy for our team to collaborate and automate repetitive tasks. Additionally, it provides support for multi-channel and third-party integrations.

It supports ticket management that helps with easy communication through tickets. Tickets make an easy task manageable and email management. As well as customer follow-up and tracking become easy. 

We are able to manage our whole customer support smoothly without any effort. 

Now, we can also track the quality of services offered to our customers all over the world. As customer support becomes easier to use.

What does the Bin-Shihon Group do?

Our fundamental spotlight is on the advancement of imaginative and proficient business undertakings. We provide products and services on huge bases through their core business sectors.

We gladly address 51 unmistakable brands and have productive collusions with 27 organizations.

Hence our commitment to high-quality work, customer satisfaction, and long-term planning has paid off, and we are now among the top companies in our respective fields.

What advice would you give to other Customers who have a business setup like you?

You’ll need initiative, determination, and persistence, as well as resilience, to take personal responsibility for your success and failure as well. 

Here is the UVdesk helpdesk Dashboard it is easy to use and operate as well. It is also fully compatible with the Arabic RTL design.

The most important goal is to improve customer service, which we have achieved with the help of the UVdesk helpdesk.

How would you understand that UVdesk is the right answer for you?

Not all assistance work area configurations create equal, and not all can perform the same tasks. If all else is equal, being viewed as a genuine assist work area arrangement with UVdesk helpdesk meets my requirement.

Indeed, I am completely satisfied with their assistance and support as well.  

Therefore, the entire UVdesk group, from which I came, has always resolved all of my issues in a timely and satisfactory manner.

In this manner, I prescribe to everybody to go with such an amazing helpdesk system with such care staff too.

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