Why Bounce Rate Matters for SaaS base startups?

Updated 4 October 2017

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Every SaaS-based startup is in need to think it deeply.It’s not easy to get the customer in a B2B market it’s a long-term process.

Content writing works as an advertisement. Content writing gives you traffic which is a boon for start-up.

If your name is known then people will always refer you. People will be knowing about your startups which are easy if you are writing content.

B2B Purchasing cycle is not so easy. For making it easy content writing is best, It needs precise, accurate, interesting content to admire people for your prestigious startup.

The reason behind any success means there was something inimitable. For SaaS-based start-ups, content writing plays a vital role.

Content is everything in any of field to hold steps of people and direct them according to you. The word should speak.

The word should be as much strong that can moist people within the same feeling which you have been feeling while writing in SaaS-based startups.

For content writing resources are like blood to hold people the on page. Awareness is like refreshment that will enhance their confidence.

“Nothing Changes if nothing changes” so change the pattern of content writing, people do not have time to read your content until and unless your content is not having significant thing for themselves.

They are not interested in your startups, product and service until and unless you are not a big marque.<

Use hyperlink with new words changes trend do not use ordinary words so that people get updated by your content.

If Content is perfect then bounce rate will be less and then Google will improve ranking and you will get traffic for your startup.

Now, what next?

Content writing will improve the ranking of the site, Decrease bounce rate, increase traffic, build trust, advertisement without the expense and then your startup would be remarkable.

Now adding bunch of new tips to tackle with content writing “just Mug it up”:

  1. Load time- maximum 7 seconds.
  2. Site speed < Less time consuming= High conversion rate (More time consuming= Less conversion)
  3. No random Popups = If people will get lots of popups they would not be able to read actual content so please ensure there should not be random popups.
  4. Always use H Tags for headings.
  5. Length the of a paragraph should not be more than three or four lines. Sentences should be active voice. One sentence should be one line.
  6. Use more link and make link cloud. Internal link should be open in same tab/window and External link should be open in new tab/window.
  7. Use open graph images. Use at least three images for one a for sheet content.
  8. Never use images in non scroll able place cover that portion with energetic , unique, attractive and interesting content to engage people
  9. Always use realistic images, live examples and practical video to provide comprehensible understanding

You might be wondering that why this all needed, reasons are given below:

In this whole world if something is lacking that is a good story teller/ writer, who can unfold you in his/her words for this, there must be enough resources to recommend and knowledge to sum up things in Pinpoints.

Everything is online if your word started being your voice then your startup would not be needing any references.

People will count on you …….. so start using your finger on keypads with your Immense mind, Astonishing creativity in writing for Uplifting people in their field.

You will be the stepping stone for your any startup and for the long term, it will make your startup alive in the B2B market.

Otherwise Google will Hunt your startup down and eat that alive.

Don’t run like ordinary people, be Peerless. Be unequaled and not only support people but let them get back up and Refresh to Sustain in this throat-cut swift Era for matching step with time.

Help people by providing knowledge assistance and get traffic for your startup.

So it was all about how to stop high bounce rate…….

I value the trust you have put into me and will work hard to maintain it. Thank you!!!!

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