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Updated 14 February 2022

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UVdesk: Suspended Emails: Suspending an email means putting it aside for further review.

If you get a massive amount of emails from a sender, that sender’s email address is suspended..

Therefore, if your account receives an above-average number of spam complaints, it will result in the suspended emails section.

Now, the e-mail sent through the end consumer exceeds the maximum length restriction and turned into rejection through the server.

If an agent or owner receives an above-average number of emails from a single user, then the owner has the authentication to put those emails into the suspended emails in Uvdesk.

Benefits of UVdesk Suspended Emails:

  • Unnecessary emails are suspended which is helpful for the helpdesk system.
  • No more auto-generated emails reflect on your helpdesk system.
  • Reduces bulky unnecessary emails from your helpdesk basket.
  • This helps the agent to check only necessary emails.
  • It helps the owner to check which email is valuable.

Work performance of UVdesk Suspended Emails :

Therefore, when we select the “Suspended Emails” section under the “Reports” as per the below image:

After clicking on the Suspended Emails, it will redirect you inside the same as shown in below image :

Therefore, if you want to remove any email from the suspended emails, then there is an option available i.e. Process email, just hit it up and you will be able to recover the email which you want to, as shown :

Here, on the top right corner, there is an option for Whitelist.

Whitelisting emails is a way to add an email to an approved list so it never goes to your spam folder.

Therefore, here you can hit over the whitelist option and it will redirect you as shown below :

Therefore, you can enter the email ID, so that the particular ID goes under whitelist which you want to be.

Hence, the owner and support agent have the access to emails into the suspended email section and are also able to recover the same whenever required.

In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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