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Updated 14 February 2022

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Announcing releasing product updates, upcoming sales, or upcoming events, promoting the latest trend and another targeted marketing announcement is a great approach to kick your business to the next level. 

UVdesk adopted this modern approach recently in both variant Cloud and Opensource’s latest release. 

Introduction – Marketing Announcement

Add promotional information that includes promo title, promo text, tag, tag color, and product link with text. This promotional information will display on the customer panel.

Moreover, The customer should log in to the UVdesk panel to view this advertisement. A custom advertisement banner can be set up by the UVdesk account owner only.

This will help the account owner to promote other products as well that customers might interested in. Perhaps, this strategy engages your loyal customers and helps your business earn more sales. 

Benefits –Marketing Announcement

  • Marketing announcement becomes easier and beneficial for startup companies or entrepreneurs interested in boosting sale.
  • With this latest feature, you can showcase or link your recent updates, latest product release, upcoming sales throughout your existing customer.
  • The account owner can add a Promo title along with promo text that restricts a maximum of 80 character length.
  • Also, a promo tag like update, new, or offer can be added by the Account Owner. 
  • The account owner can display this announcement based on the ticket group.
  • Tag background color can also be set up as per branding from the owner panel. 
  • The account owner can add a cross-link on a defined text such as Read more, click here, etc to redirect another web page.

Admin Configuration – Marketing Announcement 

To set up a marketing announcement, the account owner needs to navigate Dashboard ==> Knowledgebase ==> Marketing Announcement as shown in the below image – 

Marketing Announcement dashboard

Now, Tap on the New announcement button to create a new one similar to the below image

It will bring you to a new announcement page, where the account owner can do –Add Announcement

Title – Give the name for recognization purpose

Promo Text – Write a promo text for a maximum of 80 characters that will display on the customer panel ticket list page.

Promo Tag – Select the promo tag Update, New, latest from the dropdown.

Tag color – Choose the tag color as per your branding.

Link Text – Write a Text, on which a promotional page link will add. 

Link URL – Enter the Promotional page URL here.

Status – Select publish if you want to push advertisement public else select draft from the dropdown.

Groups – Select the ticket group in which you want to show this advertisement.

Customer End –Marketing Announcement 

After login into the ticketing panel, customers can be able to view this marketing announcement bar on the top of the ticket list page.

Announcement Banner



In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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