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UVdesk – Agent Activity: A support staff member who manages support tickets is referred to as an “agent.” It implies that the agent will respond to customers, close tickets, change ticket information, and transfer tickets from one group/team to another, among other items. UVdesk – Agent Activity view to serve a better experience for your customers.

The agent’s activity can be viewed by the owner along with the support agent. The privileges defined from the backend. The owner has access to the most recent and final response. They can check that the agent and customer tickets replies by clicking on ID. The owner may also filter the tickets by date and perform a direct search using the agent’s name. This will help in the tracking of the agent as well as their efficiency.

Benefits of UVdesk – Agent Activity:

  • It becomes easy for the owner to know which agent is taking less time in resolving the complaints of the customer and conducting all their duties with adherence.
  • This helps the owner in figuring out agent activity.
  • This helps the support agent in determining the activity of the agents.
  • By clicking on ID, the owner may also verify the activity of any specific agent.
  • You can view the particular agent acts like a total reply, agent last reply etc.

Work performance of UVdesk – Agent Activity:

When we select the “Agent Activity” section under the “Reports” as per the below image:

UVdesk - Agent Activity-1

then you will see the page with the ID, Subject, Customer, Total Reply and Agent Last Reply.

By clicking on the ID you will see the below page. Here you can view all the replies between the agent and customer.

While clicking on the tickets icon you will see the below page open. Here you can view all the tickets, agents name, customer name etc.

Privileges – UVdesk – Agent Activity

The owner and the support agent will also view the actions of the agent. The privileges that have been defining in the backend.

In the Privileges section, you can select the option in tickets as per the below image, so that the support agent can view the agent activities.

In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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