Use Binaka to link knowledgebase with website

Updated 17 August 2021

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Provide an accurate description of the necessary article linked to any subject based on your business need using knowledgebase to settle down the doubts of your customers.

Even you can link the knowledgebase and your website using the Binaka App of UVdesk.

What is Binaka?

It will turn into a form for your query submission or turn into a knowledgebase for clearing your doubts.

Binaka is a solid floating product of UVdesk that provide quick support to your customer on your website which is integrated with the knowledgebase. Your helping buddy which can answer any query you ask related to UVdesk.

Filter FAQs as per the alphabets and get instant insight. It can also turn into a ContactForm so that you can communicate and get your query solved.

Improve your Knowledgebase Efficiency

knowledge base

A knowledge-base is an online library of the structured or unstructured information which can be related to product, company, service or on some subject matter using which any individual can serve themselves.

This is the very logical solution for any company, business or retailer to provide a precise user guide for their users and customers. Knowledgebase guides your user to the solution through the documentation stored in it.

The secret behind the growth and success of e-commerce business is omnichannel selling. Multi-channel selling is a good strategy in order to maintain business consistency. Nowadays it’s very common and the seller has opted this as a strategy to build a strong brand for generating more revenue.

Managing query coming from multiple channels will be hard for the store owner better to opt right way to deal with the same. Keeping agent to provide 24*7 customer support can be expensive and online store is a plaza where customers can come anytime.

Here, Knowledgebase can be a logical solution in this case. Which can be used anytime by the customer to get their query answered.

Keeping efficient knowledgebase for the customers is the expert way instead of giving them irritating customer support call.

Now the customer doesn’t need to go here and there everything is now available at one point. This will improve the response time which will lead customer satisfaction.

Advantages Of Knowledgebase:

1 – Can be used 24*7

2 – Decent way to solve customer’s query.

3 – Saves the time of support staff.

4 – Economical than calling charges.

5 – Genuine charge as compare to keep agent for doing the same work manually.

6 – Reduces the response time.

7 – Increases customer satisfaction.

8 – Helps store owner to get positive reviews and feedback.

9 – Builds trust among the customers.

10 – Builds trust among the customers.

11 – All the information collected at one place.

12 – Beneficial for customers and support staff as well.

13 – Many more.

Quick Support

Search the answers to your query with the help of Binaka. This little app can prevent you from the frequent questions asked by the customers.

Easy Integration on any site

Integrate Binaka anywhere on your website. Make your website look attractive and provide instant and handy support.

Create Ticket Quickly

Binaka is capable of creating tickets using Form Builder App. Binaka makes use of Form Builder App and you can customize the form as per your need.

How to connect link your website with knowledgebase using Binaka?

The customers can also create tickets with the help of Binaka App. It makes use of Form Builder App and you can customize the form as per the requirement.

Let me explain the complete process in the detail below steps-

  • Login to your UVdesk Support Panel.
  • On the Dashboard, you will see “APP CENTRE” menu and under it, you will find “Binaka“.
  • You will see three tabs- OverviewDocumentation & Configure (after app installation).
  • In the “Overview” section, you will see Install button.
  • Click on that button and Binaka App will get installed.
  • Now, under the Configure, click on Configure button.
  • Click on the Try Me button and you will be redirected a new page where you will see three sub-menu namely- CustomizeChoose Form and URL & Articles.

Note: The Brand Color will be the color of your Binaka App and by the help of Skin, you can choose to display the icon on the Binaka App as light or dark.

Customize menu:


  • Enter the Title, select Brand Color, select Widget View, choose PositionSkin for displaying Binaka App and select Form & Knowledgebase which you want to configure with Binaka.
  • The owner can also select the Avatar as per their choice.

Choose Form Menu:


  • Here, first, you have to create the form first from the Form Builder App.
  • After the form creation, you can select them from the drop-down.
  • The selected form will appear on the Binaka App when any user will use it as a Contact Form.

URL and Articles Menu:


  • Here, the owner can enter a Page URL on which they want to implement the Binaka App and they can also add specific Articles for that particular URL.

Binakalogo Binaka search

Ticket create opt

Send message

In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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