How to Upgrade Uvdesk v1.0.x -> v1.1.0

Updated 31 March 2022

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Get complete instructions about Open Source Help Desk Upgrade – UVdesk to deliver a better customer support experience.

Step 1: Run this command for a clear cache of the composer:

composer clear-cache

Step 2: Now you will create a project with the old version of uvdesk using this command:

composer create-project uvdesk/community-skeleton:v1.0.16 community-refresh;

Step 3: Go to your project root directory using this command:

cd community-refresh;

Step 4: Now use this command to create a new Git repository:

git init;

Step 5: To add a new remote, use the command on the terminal, in the directory your repository is stored:

git remote add origin your-repository;

Step 6: To add all the files at one time in your repository:

git add .;

Step 7: To Commit for the first time with a set commit message:

git commit -m “Init”;

Step 8: If we do not specify the location of a repository, then it will push to the default location at the origin master (Push the changes to the remote branch):

git push -u origin master;

Step 9: To switch in branch with creates a new branch name:

git checkout -b latest-release;

Step 10: Now use this command for update:

composer update symfony/flex uvdesk/composer-plugin –no-plugins –no-scripts

Step 11: To add a composer.lock file:

git add composer.lock

Step 12: Now again commit these changes into your repository:

git commit -m “Update composer.lock – packages symfony/flex, uvdesk/composer-plugin”

Step 13: Now you will fetch and download content from a remote repository and immediately update the local repository to match that content using this command:

git pull https://github.com/uvdesk/community-skeleton v1.1.0 -X theirs –allow-unrelated-histories

Step 14: Run this command for new latest updates of uvdesk v1.1.0:

composer update

Step 15: Now again commit for saved new changes with a message:

git commit -m “Latest stable release v1.1.0 changes”

Step 16: Now you will come to switch to again in the master branch using this command:

git checkout master

Step 17: After you run this command to merge all branches

you require a merge commit during a fast forward merge for record-keeping purposes you can execute  git merge with the  --no-ffoption:

git merge –no-ff latest-release;

Step 18: Browse your installed helpdesk project:


Public Folder - Open Source Helpdesk Installation on WAMP

=> Set Up Helpdesk:

Afterward, browse your installed helpdesk project for example:


=> Evaluating System Requirement:


Note: If you are showing like this you will change some files in your installed project please follow the below steps:


=> Go to your project -> config -> routes.yaml file and add these lines are shown below screenshot:

         resource: .
         type: uvdesk

=> Go to your project -> config -> services.yaml and add the locale line after the parameters line are shown below screenshot:

locale: ‘en’

=> After change and save these two files go to your browser and refresh the page

Now this unable to locate the path on the server error will be removed and shown like this:

=> After you will set up your Database configuration, Admin configuration then install your project


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